Exemestane My Favorite Anti-Estrogen

Exemestane My Favorite Anti-Estrogen Exemestane is the generic name for the anti-estrogen used by bodybuilders called “Aromasin” made by pfizer.   Exemestane is a suicidal aromatase inhibitor.  The “aromatase enzyme”… Read more »

kevin levrone comeback

Kevin Levrone Comeback

 Kevin Levrone Comeback 2016 Mr. Olympia Speaking of Kevin Levrone Comeback, Since it’s Olympia Weekend 2016 right now I just watched the press conference this morning where Levrone and Cedric… Read more »

mk-677 Review

MK-677 Review

MK-677 Review Long Time No See Guys! Time For my Mk-677 Review While i’ve been away i’ve been experiementing with the research chemical MK-677 which is a Legit Oral Human… Read more »