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1-Andro Reviews Prohormone Legal Steroid Alternative

1-andro reviews


Hey What’s Up Dude?

Let’s talk about 1-Andro, what it is, what the effects are, and hopefully help you decide if you want to try it.

First of all, 1-Andro is a Prohormone, This means that it converts to an Anabolic Steroid in your body, specifically 1-Testosterone, an extremely powerful steroid.

1-Andro is a “legal supplement” and is somewhat mild in comparison to regular anabolic steroids.  Nevertheless, 1-Andro is still a performance enhancing drug.

1-Andro as a Prohormone

The conversion of 1-Andro into the active steroid 1-Testosterone is a 2-step process.  The full name of this compound is 1-Androsterone.  Once inside your stomach, digestive acids and liver enzymes convert the 1-androsterone into 1-androstenedione which is then converted to the target hormone 1-testosterone.

Famous Prohormones Related to 1-Andro1-andro reviews

Interestingly the intermediate metabolite “1-androstenedione” is the banned prohormone 1-AD that Mark McGuire the famous Home Run Hitter was caught taking when news cameras spotted it inside his locker.  This was one of the first events that turned broad public attention to performance enhancing drugs in major league baseball.

Another cousin to 1-Andro is the infamous designer steroid “M1T” also known as Methyl-1 Testosterone.  M1T is one of the most powerful anabolics ever created.  It was

synthesised back in the 60’s by pharmaceutical companies researching new steroids.  It was

1-andro reviews

The Popular “Prohormones” Superdrol and M1T were so Powerful That They are Now Produced By Underground Steroids Labs

never brought to market because it was too toxic.  When the USA Anabolic Steroid Control Act was passed in 1990, they outlawed all the common steroids that were being used pharmaceutically but did not outlaw unknown or hypothetical steroids.  This is how designer super steroids like Superdrol and M1T were brought to market after the ban.

The fact that Superdrol and M1T are WAY more potent on a mg per mg basis than traditional steroids like Anadrol and Dbol is indisputable.  Designer Steroids are powerful as Fuck.

1-Andro Effects

When taking 1-Andro, how effective it is going to be depends on how well your body converts it into 1-Testosterone.  If your body converts it very efficiently, then you will have the same effects as being on traditional steroids.1-andro reviews

More likely, it will convert at a decent rate that will feel like taking a mild low dose of winstrol.

This means that you will have strength increases, muscle hardening, loss of water from under the skin, and dry lean gains in muscle tissue.

Keep in mind prohormones by their nature convert to normal anabolic steroids, if you dose ENOUGH of the prohormones then you will have high amounts of steroids in your body.  Is this healthy? Not really, it would be a lot healthier to just take regular steroids rather than take ungodly dosages of prohormones haha.

1-Andro Side Effects

1-Andro is derived from DHT (dihydrotestosterone) which is a super potent androgen.  All 1-andro reviewscompounds derived from DHT do not convert to estrogen and as a result you do not have to worry about gyno (bitch tits) while taking this. 1-Andro Reviews confirm it does not cause gyno.

1-Andro will suppress natural testosterone production so it’s good to use a PCT after your cycle in order to get your bodies testosterone production firing at full power again.

You will probably get some oily skin and maybe a little acne, other than that there aren’t really any side effects.

1-Androsterone is not 17-Alpha-Alkylated so there is no concern with liver damage or fucking yourself up from taking high dosages over extended periods of time.

1-Andro Dosage

When you do your 1-Andro cycle you want to use the highest recommended dosage.  It’s a 1-andro reviewsprohormone and you want to get as much of it converting to 1-testosterone as possible.  This is a compound where a more is better approach will actually result in increased gains.

Start out with 130mg (2 Capsules) daily.

As far as the best products out there,

1-Andro Reviews show The 2 best are the one’s that use a liposomal delivery.  This protects the steroid molecule from breakdown by the digestive system and results in more active 1-testosterone reaching your blood stream.

Blackstone Labs Chosen1 and Primeval Labs 1-Andro use the liposomal delivery and are good quality.

Good Luck

-The Bodybuilder in Thailand

1-Andro Reviews 

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