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Christian Guzman

Christian Guzman Alphalete

Christian Guzman Alphalete This guy Christian Guzman works hard guys there is no fucking doubt about that.  The dude is intelligent.  He quickly ditched the whole fake natty in the… Read more »

rich piana synthol

Rich Piana Synthol

Rich Piana Synthol What is that in Rich Piana’s arms?  Why do his arms looks so bulbous and strange next to other bodybuilders? The answer ladies and gentlemen is massive… Read more »

what is clenbuterol

What is Clenbuterol

What is Clenbuterol “Clen” What’s up dude. Clenbuterol is a fat burner thermogenic and it’s super potent.  Some people love it and some people hate it.  Clen is my favorite… Read more »


Luimarco Bodybuilding

Luimarco Bodybuilding  What’s up dude, Luimarco is a guy from Montreal Canada who loves IFBB Pro Bodybuilding. He has some hilarious little catch phrases like “Beep, the L.U.I. here” and… Read more » Misc Forum Misc Forum So what is “The Misc.” ? Well, it’s pronounced “Misk” which stands for miscellaneous.  The forums have been up forever since like 2003. The Forums… Read more »

truth about steroids

The Truth About Steroids

The Truth About Steroids Explained What’s Up Dude, Steroids, so fucking interesting aren’t they? Society thinks of steroids as superman tablets and spiderman injections but at the same time tell… Read more »