300 Workout Spartan

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300 Workout of a Spartan

For those of you asking my workout recommendation to someone who wants to get ripped and shredded, lean and mean.  Below is my recommendation.


There is little question why you desire to wield the look of a spartan warrior.  It symbolises many desirable traits, self-discipline, simplicity, bravery, all in the very body you inhabit.300 workout


If you want to look like a spartan you need to look lean and mean.  You need to eat clean, let no junk food be seen.

You’re made of what you eat and you are going to be a man who is made of steaks, potatoes, and chicken breasts.300 workout

When you take your body to the limit there will be no softness to drag you down and leave you whining like a sad little chicken shit.

You are a man of discipline, you are a man of honour, you are fearless, you are a spartan.

What Makes A Spartan’s Regiment Different Than a Classic Bodybuilding Routine?

A spartan doesn’t need extra bulk for show and tell.300 workout

You could call a spartan a stripped down lean, clean and mean bodybuilder who carries with him only what he needs to prevent death and to ensure maximum damage to his enemies.

That’s why The Body of a Spartan 300 Workout is stripped down and free of any of the bullshit traditionally found in bodybuilding routines.

This routine is based around the exercises that divide the boys from the men.



yes, there are bicep curls and tricep extensions.  You’ll develop your show muscles, but they will be developed for the purpose of helping increase those heavy compound lifts that divide the Killers from the Game Players.

I’ve Been Lifting weights For a Decade

I know what is legit, and what is bullshit.

If you want to have the Body of a Spartan… don’t spin your wheels for months wasting your time on some free horseshit routine you found on the web.

Pick up Body of a Spartan, and follow it to the letter! Don’t change a damn thing.

300 workout

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BECOME, the being you imagine.


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