The 4 Essential Supplements for Building Muscle

The 4 Essential Supplements for Building Muscle

There are only 4 Supplements for Building Muscle you need. Most Supplements are garbage.  The one’s I Recommend on work because they are either Prohormones (Legal Anabolic Steroids) or they are extracts from herbs that have chemical alkaloids that act as performance enhancing drugs in the body.  That’s why they work.

However there are 4 essential supplements for building muscle that you should be using otherwise you are not providing your body with the raw materials necessary to perform the Chemical Reactions it needs to undergo the muscle building process.


If you don’t have the Vitamins and Minerals you need it won’t matter if you are on steroids, usesupplements for building muscle prohormones, or are 100% natural.  You won’t be able to build the muscle bulk and strength you are looking for simply because your body will not have the raw materials necessary to produce the chemical reactions involved in the muscle building process.  That is what vitamins and minerals do for the body, they make the science experiment aka machine that is YOU, work.  Your car won’t run right if you don’t put oil and coolant and shit in it.  This is the same deal here.  It is literally just fucking stupid to not be taking this stupid little tablet.  IT may seem unimportant or like something your mom used to nag you about along with brushing your teeth, but I am telling you motherfucker this is serious business and if you are not joking around then do not skip this.

Omega-3 Fats

Muscle is made of 2 things. The first is protein.  Everybody knows that. But the second much smaller part is Omega-3 Fats.  Yes, The cell membrane that surrounds your muscle cells issupplements to build muscle composed exclusively of Omega-3.  Americans don’t consume Omega-3 in their diet because the meat industry started feeding all the livestock, poultry, and even fish CORN and GRAIN.  Instead of containing the muscle building Omega-3 fats, the meat from these animals now contains inflammatory Omega-6 fats.  This is shitty.  Do you know why Omega 3 fat is called “Essential Fatty Acids?” It’s because omega-3 is the only fat that our body REQUIRES that it cannot produce.  Our bodies require this shit to function the sole source of obtaining it is through your diet.  This is one of the major reasons everyone in the USA is a fatass and has depression.  Your brain is nearly solid Omega-3 and the membranes of your muscle tissue is composed of the same.  Do your body a favor and start supplementing with this shit, so that your body stops hoarding all the fat you eat because it’s frantically searching for the Omega-3 that the american diet just does not contain.

You Need 3-5g of Omega-3 per day and since you are a bodybuilder it’s going to be on the high end.  I weigh 200lbs and I take 5 of these 1000mg omega-3 caps per day

Whey Protein Powder

The reason I take Whey Protein Powder is because it’s high quality protein that hits my bloodsupplements for building muscle stream fast and I like to drink it post workout.  Eating a ton of chicken and beef and shit can get expensive so I just add a scoop or 2 of Whey Protein to my diet because it’s cheap and it’s high quality as fuck for your muscles.  That’s the only reason I use whey protein.  I’m 200lbs and I my goal is to eat 300g of protein each day.  I feel strongest when I do this.

I buy the Optimum 100% ON Whey Isolate Protein because i’ve seen testing where their product ingredients are exactly what they state on the label.  Some protein companies have been caught lying about the protein inside the can and i’m can’t fuck with that shit.  Fuck those guys.  Optimum has always tested correctly and i’ve been following this shit for like 10 years so I feel good about using their shit.  Also I always buy Chocolate because I like mixing it with milk and having chocolate milk (fucking delicious) or if i’m bulking I add in a scoop of vanilla ice cream and blend it with Ice and i’m in fucking heaven.

Vitamin D

You have to supplement with 5000IU Vitamin per day unless you go tanning every single day.  The only way to get vitamin D is from the sun, since food barely contains any (that’s why they artificially add it to milk).  supplements for building muscle

If you are deficient is Vitamin D you are fucked.  Especially if you are natural.  Vitamin D at 5000IU per day increases testosterone 45% and is the only “Real” natural testosterone booster.  Since most everyone is the USA and the World is deficient in Vitamin D they are getting suppressed testosterone levels.  When we evolved we spent a lot of time in the sun, now we don’t.  Now we sit in front of computers and video games all day, and drink and eat from plastic cups and dishes that are contaminated with phyto-estrogens that further suppress your testosterone.  If you’re natural (don’t use steroids or prohormones) then Vitamin D is the Number 1 supplement you need.  More important than anything else.


Alright Guys That’s It.  These are the 4 Supplements that You have to be taking if you are trying to build muscle and lose fat.  If you’re not taking these you are not giving your body the raw materials it needs to do it’s job.

As you guys know if you read my shit, I also Inject Myself with Testosterone in Addition to taking the supplements mentioned above.

If you are not ready for that but are still interested in some “Hardcore Stuff” that will take you beyond the level of muscle density you could build naturally (I.E. Looking anything CLOSE to a Youtube Fitness Superstar) you’ll need to be using the Hardcore stuff and would do good to read my writing and videos on Hardcore Muscle and Steroid Hormones in Bodybuilding.


-the bodybuilder in thailand

Supplements for Building Muscle

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