Kratom – The Secret fake natty bodybuilders Weapon

Hey Guys,

The Bodybuilder in Thailand Here,

Wanted to share with you guys the plant that changed my life, allowed me to heal from chronic muscle pain, start lifting again, and develop the work ethic to get where I am today.


Kratom is a legal plant from thailand that increases a person’s desire to be social, decreases anxiety and inhibitions, offers incredible chronic pain management, heals depression, puts you in the best mood ever like you just ran a race and won by a mile and well you need to watch this video and learn more about it.

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Creating changed my life.  I was able to share the benefits of something that had been a godsend in my life to thousands of other people and also quit my job and start being independent, a self employed entrepreneur.

I urge all who read this post to take a minute to visit and learn about kratom, as it is the single most important factor that allowed me to learn so much more about life and get to where I am today.


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2 thoughts on “Kratom – The Secret fake natty bodybuilders Weapon

  1. Alexander

    Hey man, love your site. One question about kratom: I started using kratom recently and love it. However, I recently started a test cycle–500mg/wk test e–and I am no longer getting kratom’s awesome effects. It is actually doing close to nothing. Any thoughts on how to get around this? Thanks man.

    1. BodyBuilder InThailand Post author

      hey, i have experienced some issues similar to what you mention as well. It helps me to drink a ton of water, make sure i am extra hydrated and I get strong kratom effects. Also try letting the kratom sit mixed in unsweetened apple sauce for 20 minutes before you take it.


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