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What’s up guys,

My name is Dan, I’m the Bodybuilder in Thailand.

about me

Bodybuilder in Thailand – Front Lat Spread

I’m 26 years old, have a Psychology degree from University of California, I’ve been lifting weights for the past decade, and living in Bangkok Thailand for the past year.

I am one of the most focused and determined people you will ever meet.  I’m light hearted and have fun doing everything I do, but when I want something I obsess over it, and devote 95% of my thoughts and actions towards reaching my goal.

All growing up I had a “problem” with authority.  It wasn’t that I was just a little asshole running

around causing problems, it’s just that I know right from wrong and when some loser is in a


Bodybuilder in Thailand

position of authority and wants to abuse that authority (most bosses at jobs) I absolutely mutiny.  I have natural leadership qualities and social magnetism, which has had a tendency to attract normally docile peers to me in the face of conflict.

This has always caused me to be a fairly controversial figure.  Well liked by some and well hated by others.  I just don’t have any tolerance for assholes telling others what is “cool and what is not” if you want to be my friend and you are a nice person, I don’t care how you act, you can hangout with me and i’ll be your friend.

I remember in 3rd grade someone was making fun of me and calling me a “Fag.”  What a loser that little kid must have been.  I remember just being confused thinking “What the fuck is wrong with this little loser thinking he can dictate what is cool and what is not? Everyone is different.”about me

My Website Bodybuilder in Thailand came about as a result of my move to Thailand after I graduated University hopped directly into a corporate job doing marketing with a Whey Protein Bar Company making around 60,000USD per year salary, slaving my ass off, literally working myself to the bone, and knowing that what I was doing was not sustainable and not suitable for my personality.

Before graduating from University of California I had been using the SouthEast Asian Botanical Psychoactive substance “Kratom” daily during my senior year.  This plant is the single most powerful substance for focus, determination, euphoria, work-ethic, mood, and life success I have ever used.

about me

KratomHappy.com’s Homepage

I never knew what I wanted to do for a career, it seemed to me that all “jobs” seemed completely out of the question as I could never be content and jolly being someone’s bitch and having a “Boss” to take orders from. Fuck that.

I knew i’d have to become an entrepreneur and start my own companies if i’d ever have any kind of monetary success and/or financial freedom.

The second half of my senior year I found Chris Deodues and his blog “Goodlookingloser.”  His site caught my attention immediately.  It was different than other sites on the internet because he talked so plainly.  He gives the best information on picking up girls, and natural penis

about me

The Goodlooking Loser

enlargement on the internet.  (I already have a big dick, but I enjoy male enhancement because who doesn’t like an even bigger one haha).  Chris was my first mentor in establishing a career. Chris loved and understood the value of Kratom every bit as much or even more than I did.  I knew that Kratom was a major import to the USA and a massively growing industry.  Yet, there wasn’t an authority website on the internet to explain it to people, give personal suggestions and advice, without bullshitting people.  Chris taught me about web design and finally sent me to Victor Pride from “BoldandDetermined” to purchase a domain name and website hosting for a total of $60USD.

In May 2015 KratomHappy.com went live.  I compiled all my experience and enthusiasm with Kratom and turned the information inside my head into a comprehensive authority website and youtube channel that in under a year became the internet’s #1 kratom resource.

Now that I was making money with KratomHappy.com I finished up my last 2 months of University and graduated, jumping straight into my corporate job in Marketing with the Whey

about me

Me with the blonde wig, on the Right One of my friends from University that also decided to leave America and now lives in Korea Teaching English

Protein Bar Company.  Although as a young bachelor I had more money than I knew what to do with,  I decided in August 2015 I was done with the USA, I just didn’t like it there.  I didn’t like the stress filled over entitled mundane culture.  I wanted to live my dream traveling abroad and moving to Asia, Dating Sexy Thai Women, Working when I wanted to from my apartment, and enjoying life according to my vision of what would make me happiest.  During this time I slowly kept working on KratomHappy.com and building it’s content.  It was finally making enough money to support me and I realised I did not need my job anymore.

In November 2015 I decided it was time to tell my job to fuck off and get the fuck out of america.  I booked a flight, Packed a suitcase and a backpack, and took off for Bangkok Thailand.  I had never been to Asia, what an adventure I was embarking on.about me

I landed in Bangkok Thailand on December 1st 2015 at 3am in the morning.  A beautiful Thai Girl I had met on Thai Friendly Dating Website greeted me at the airport, I was so happy to be in Thailand.  We got in her car and drove back to my hotel I had booked online.

I spent the next 3 weeks in Bangkok reenacting the Hangover Part 2 and partying my ass off.  After that I got an apartment and got to fucking work!

Determined to expand my influence on the internet, share my experience and inside information of the bodybuilding industry.  I bought the domain BodybuilderinThailand.com and started this website.  For 6 weeks I worked on it relentlessly, again just like I had with KratomHappy, creating a Money Making Machine Out of Nothing. On bodybuilderinthailand, I pride myself on sharing the information I wish I had when I started bodybuilding.  I don’t hold anything back, I tell the truth about bodybuilding and let you decide what to do with it.

Now, Living in Thailand, I’m Doing What I Want To Do



This is How I Like to Live My Life.  I’m the Happiest and have the most Satisfaction ever!

I LOVE Thailand.  I will probably stay here for the rest of my life.

and the greatest part?

I don’t have to do anything or associate with anyone that I don’t want to.  FREEDOM people.

No corporate job shackling my ankles to their fucking office.



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