Average Gym Rat

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The Average Gym Rat

He’s the guy who makes up 95% of your gym.  gym rat

He’s the guy who trains daily year in and year out, always lifts the same weights and always looks the damn same as the years before

He’s the guy who’s stronger and bigger than all the newbs but he’s plateau’d out big time and his body is starting to look run down from the constant beating

He’s the guy who’s goal in his 20’s was to get ripped and have the perfect body all women would want, giving him the option to choose and have sex with lots of different girls 

He’s the guy who’s been laid 5-10 times in his life by the time he settles for a girl that back in his university years he didn’t see himself ending up withgym rat

He’s the guy who’s working a dead end job as an employee for a boss, maybe it pays well but he’s exchanging his soul each day for a piece of that person’s money, they’ve bought him for 40 hours per week of slavery.

He’s the guy who has good intentions but can’t sustain enough motivations to dominate any goals and make real progress.

He’s the guy who’s life lacks achievement.

He’s the guy I will never be.

Guys, don’t be the average gym rat.  When you look around in the gym make sure you can see that you are making progress, that your physique is actually changing.  People will stare at you in bewilderment as you do what they cannot do.  They’ll look at you and think “One Day, I will look like him.”  

Move forward in everything you do guys.


-The Bodybuilder In Thailand

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