Bathmate Review – Bodybuilding for Your Dick

Bathmate Review – Bodybuilding for Your Dick

Yes, the bodybuilding gods have shined light down upon me to share with you guy my readers about how you can do bodybuilding for your dick and make it bigger through exercising it and applying progressive tension / progressive overload over time with my Bathmate Review.

Obviously all bodybuilders whether they want to admit it or not would like to have a big dick. Part of what keeps you passionate about bodybuilding is striving for physique perfection.  All of us bodybuilders would ideally like to be 6’5 tall have an 8 inch cock and huge ripped muscles.

You can run away now if anything about PENIS ENLARGEMENT scares the shit , out of you lol.  But i’m not bullshitting you, this is actually something that I do, and have grown my dick doing.

“Growing your Dick is Impossible”bathmate review

You know how people grow their earlobes with gauges and shit? they start out with a small ass piercing and then slowly keep applying more pressure and tension overtime?  Their earlobes grow and get fucking massive.

People have been doing stuff like this for centuries.  Some women in southeast asia are knownbathmate review to apply rings to their necks for stretching.  In some South East Asian cultures a woman with a long neck is seen as exceedingly beautiful.  So over time they apply more and more rings to stretch their necks more and more.  The adult women in these areas have necks the same lengths as their forearms from dedicated, consistent stretching with the rings overtime.

Finally, there are some tribes in south america and africa that find long pussy lips attractive andbathmate review therefore hang weight from their pussy lips and are known to have like 4-5 inch long pussy lips on average.  I know that’s fucking weird and gross to us who grew up in western cultures, if you are brave just google it lmao.  These women have grown long ass roast beef mud flaps by hanging weights from their pussy lips.  There are also tribes who stretch their dicks by hand or with weights lol.

The point is, when tension is applied to the body consistently, it adapts.  You should know this already from your bodybuilding experience.  I’m not sure where the myth that penis growth is impossible came from.  I’m guessing it’s a knee jerk reaction to scams and shit.  Even doctors prescribe penis weight hanging systems to guys who have micropenis syndrome from like androgen insensitivity and lack of the ability to produce the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, which converts testosterone to the super potent androgen dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which makes your dick grow during puberty.

How I Grew My Dick Bigger After Puberty

After Puberty I had a normal sized dick, but dude, i’m a bodybuilder, obviously I want to get as close to the 6 foot 5 inch huge ripped muscled 8 inch cock ideal of perfection that we all wish we could have.  Bodybuilders strive for physique perfection and obviously the penis is a part of that.

So my total gains from stretching my dick with my hand and using the bathmate have been 1 inch in length and .5 inch in girth.  I attribute .5 inches of length to the bathmate and .5 inch in length to the manual stretching by hand, while obviously the entire .5 inches of added girth came from using the bathmate.

bathmate review

I used the bathmate everyday for 15 minutes per day for a total of 6 months. After that I switched to using it once every 2 or 3 weeks and that’s what I still do now.  I gained .5inch in length and .5inch in girth using the bathmate everyday for 6 months.  I was happy with that and satisfied with my bathmate results.

Next, I started stretching my dick with my hand for 10 minutes per day.  30 seconds per set forbathmate review a total of 10 minutes.  I would stretch Left, Right, and Down.  There are ligaments that hold your dick against your pubic bone.  You can stretch these ligaments overtime the same way you can stretch your hamstring.

That’s basically what you are trying to do with the stretching.  Stretch the ligaments that hold you dick against your body so that more of your “Inner Penis” (the part you can feel through your ballsack) comes out and is visible.  I gained another .5inch in length doing this.  Making my total bathmate before and after gains 1 inch in length and .5inch in girth.  I still do a little bit of stretching sometimes when I take a piss or whatever.  I’m happy with where i’m at being above average so I don’t dedicate time everyday to it anymore.

My gains have been permanent.

Bathmate Review Routine

bathmate review

I linked this image to where I bought my Bathmate so just click on it to check it out

So for 6 months I wore the bathmate every day for 15-20 minutes.  I would get a boner before I put it on.  Then put it on and pump it a few times to create a vaccuum.  This would push even more blood into my dick and create tension inside it.  This is how I got the girth gains.  The tension would push against the walls of my dick and overtime the blood inside worked like progressive overload, pushing a tiny bit more blood inside each time I used the bathmate.

The bathmate is fun to wear because it makes your dick bigger for 24 hours afterwards.  The drawback is a I don’t like taking long showers, so taking 20 minute showers is a pain in my ass.  For 24 hours after I would take it off my flaccid dick would be WAY bigger, and my erection was like .5inch-1inch thicker and about an inch longer than normal.  It would stay this way for about 24 hours after each bathmate session and then go back to normal.  Overtime, the gains “stuck” and that’s how I ended up with the .5inch increase in permanent girth whether I use the bathmate now or not.

Bathmate Review Conclusion

I know most people won’t believe you can do bodybuilding exercises and apply progressive overload to your dick.  I don’t really care, my dick’s bigger from it, and that’s all that matters to me.  There’s obviously a ton of stigma regarding this kind of thing, but so what? Do what you want, who cares about people thinking you are stupid.  They’re just jealous you’re improving and they’re not.

This is Where I Got My Bathmate

-the bodybuilder in thailand

Bathmate Review – Bodybuilding for your Dick



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