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Bios3 Jerry Ward

“What’s Up Everybody and Welcome To Bios3 RAWWWW TV I’m Jerry Ward.”

This guy is a character, there is lots of good, and lots of questionable/bad about him.


Jerry Ward Bios3 RawTV

The guy was a small time personal trainer who struggled financially all his life and was in and out of various drug addictions before hitting it big on youtube.  He made a channel shortly after youtube started and gained enormous popularity.  He was probably the first guy to pave the way with at least some honesty about Anabolic Steroid and drug use.

He now does online personal training and seems to be fairly comfortable financially.

The thing Bios3 Jerry is best at, is telling us stories about his involvement in the gold’s gym venice scene in the 90’s.

He has unique insights into 90’s bodybuilding culture and PED as well as the recreational drug use that characterised that time in era in bodybuilding.  

My favorite video of Bios3 Jerry is his video detailing his rollercoaster addiction with Nubain.  Nubain was an injectable opiate drug popularised in the gym community by steroid guru Dan Duchaine that lowered cortisol that was absolutely rampant throughout bodybuilding culture in the 90’s.

According to Bios3 Jerry, Nubain is worse to get off than Heroin (which he also has experience with).  In The Following Video He Shares the best account of Nubain use in the bodybuilding community published on the internet.

Those videos uncover well kept information that exposes a dark side to bodybuilding far worse than abuse of androgenic substances.

Bios3 Jerry Ward is a typical BRO when it comes to his opinions on training and diet.  He likes bodypart splits and clean food chicken and rice.

Where the controversy begins is his shilling of supplements.

Jason Blaha from JuggernautFitnessTV uncovered Bios3 Jerry shilling Isatori Biogro when he posted screencaps from a conversation he had with Jerry where Jerry was asking him for advice regarding Anabolic Regimens.  Bios3 Jerry proceeded to tell Blaha about his high intake of the bodybuilding drug IGF-1 LR3.  Shortly following this conversation Jerry started making claims that the BioGro he was taking felt exactly like IGF-1 LR3, when he was in fact TAKING real IGF-1 LR3.  lmao

This is not out of character for jerry either.  He has been a shill for the supplement industry for basically his entire youtube career.  Jerry is open about having used some steroids “In the Past” and uses his “Steroid Experiences” to go about Pushing various bullshit supplements as “Being like Steroids!” In fact, he is currently pushing 1-DHEA and all of the Primeval labs Snake Oil which is actually a 2 step conversion prohormone to the target molecule 1-testosterone.  He’ll do a bodybuilding competition and afterwards be like “The Primeval Labs Supps were fuckin’ amazing! they had me comin’ in so DRY! HARD! LEAN! FULL!”

LOL Yeah Right Dude,

I’m sure it wasn’t the daily 3CC syringe of Test Tren and Masteron doing that.  

To wrap this up, watch this guy for his knowledge of 90’s bodybuilding culture because he’s the bios3best source in the industry for inside knowledge about the scene back then.

Although he knows how to coach and get himself and his clients in shape, his connection with the supplement industry damages his credibility too much.

Don’t watch him for bodybuilding or supplement advice.

He’s willing to sell out a bit to get money from biogro $ ka-ching

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