Blackstone Labs Legal Steroids & Hardcore Muscle Supplements Review

Blackstone Labs Bodybuilding Supplements Reviewblackstone labs

Blackstone Labs has got to be the most hardcore supplement company producing products for bodybuilding right now.  That’s a cool logo don’t you think^^^?

The thing that sets them apart from a lot of companies is that one of their founders PJ Braun is a former IFBB Pro Bodybuilder.  PJ is mid 30’s and could be considered a “Millennial Child.”

As I have closely watched the supplement industry the past few years I have noticed that whenever I hear about another effective bodybuilding supplement that builds muscle being banned, I look back on the history of the supplement and it’s introduction into the market and usually Blackstone Labs was the one who first brought the newly banned prohormones to the market.

My Blackstone Labs Chosen 1 Review :

Typically Blackstone Labs was one of the first providers of the effective muscle building supplements to the market. ( lots of prohormones and designer steroids and effective pre workout stimulants)

They also teamed up with our boy Janoy Cresva Genova and gave him designer steroids and prohormones and coaching, they sponsored him and really helped Jason Genova out until Jason’s lack of effort proved not even an IFBB pro could get him under 10% Body Fat.

They were clearly on top of their game on the latest and best supplement technology as they were consistently among the first companies to introduce an effective product.

At this point the’ve built up an almost infamous name as some of the “Bad Boys” of the supplement industry.

It’s not hard to imagine them that way

Aaron Singerman is a huge lunk like that big green character from the Adam’s Family, and PJ Braun is this sly businessman and pitbull looking bodybuilder with a multi million dollar company and his WWE Fighter Wife Celeste Braun that he films a reality show with, where they follow the closely the goings on at blackstone labs office and his wife works on her yoga pants nice ass pants business “Celestial Bodies.”

Blackstone Labs has a Reputation for being a more “Hardcore Company” where if you are looking for the supplements where they are probably not the healthiest things to put into your body, but DAMN are they the most EFFECTIVE things to put in your body.

blackstone labs

Their Supplement they recently released Angel Dust had some funny moments associated with it, like Jason Genova taking 3 scoops and getting all tweaked out.  It’s been being talked about as having some special fat burning ingredients in it.  I checked it out and there were some new stimulants listed in the ingredients but I wasn’t familiar with them.  So i’m guessing Blackstone got ahold of some new type of stimulants the same way JAck3d and Designer Supplements Craze came up with new stimulant ingredients.

Then the funny thing was that at the same time that they released Angel Dust they also released “Anesthetise” To bring you down from the preworkout so you can sleep.  It’s got ingredients that stimulate receptors similar to benzodiazepine tranquilizers category drugs like Xanax Bars.

This is my review of some of Blackstone Labs Prohormones :


it’s been cool because sometimes a product will get banned but this company keeps selling it and gets rid of old stock, so you can get some stuff I haven’t seen available on other sites.



2 thoughts on “Blackstone Labs Legal Steroids & Hardcore Muscle Supplements Review

  1. Devin Lang

    I’ve been working out ever since I was in the Marine Corps infantry wayyyyy back when lol. 2003-2007. Fun times… Either way what I’m getting at is that I’ve tried Iron Mag Labs 1-andro and was impressed however got moon face and have been reading and watching Blackstone Labs come out with some amazing products. Do you recommend a stack from Blackstone for mass or would you stack Osta-Red with some of Blackstones supplements. I’m not a moron but also won’t say that I know it all. I’ve been reading your info for the past couple days and it seems like you know quite a bit about the wonderful world bodybuilding for effect.

    1. BodyBuilder InThailand Post author

      Hey man, red supplements discontinued there ostared because of pressure from the fda last week , but primeval labs makes a good clone that is available here –

      For Blackstone labs if you are looking to gain mass I’d stack abnormal with brutal 4ce (test and deca)

      For getting cut up and staying strong I’d stack abnormal and chosen 1


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