Blackstone Labs Glycolog Reviews

Blackstone Labs Glycolog ReviewsBlackstone Labs Glycolog Reviews

Ever since Blackstone Labs hired the Guerilla Chemist I’ve been super intrigued by the products they’ve released.

This guy seriously knows his shit, and comes up with innovative new supplements that mimic popular bodybuilding pharmaceuticals.  He is a real organic chemist, honestly he’s the closest thing we have to OG Patrick Arnold in the Supplement Industry right now.

So What is Glycolog?

Basically it’s a legal version of the drug ‘Metformin’ which works as a manipulator of insulin in the body. (Read This Article To Learn About How Insulin Is One of The Most Important Hormones in Modern Bodybuilding)

Metformin suppresses glucose production by the liver, increases insulin sensitivity in muscle tissue, enhances peripheral glucose uptake (glycogen storage), decreases insulin-induced suppression of body fat oxidation and decreases absorption of glucose from the intestines.

Sounds powerful right?

A lot of bodybuilders take metformin for the effects mentioned above.blackstone labs glycolog reviews

You can explain it simply by saying Metformin is a nutrient partitioning agent.  Metformin increases the use of the food you eat in building, maintaining, and repairing muscle tissue,  while simultaneously overriding insulins inhibition of body fat oxidation. (fat burning)

So why have I talked about Metformin so much when this article is about Blackstone Labs Glycolog Reviews?

Because Glycolog’s ingredients mimic the effects of Metformin and by dissecting the science behind this pharmaceutical, we at the same time explain the effects and mechanisms of action of the ingredients in Blackstone Labs Glycolog.

Glycolog’s main ingredients are bitter melon, chromium, R-alpha-lipoic acid, and 25:1 cinnamon extract.  These makes your pancreas and insulin response work for you instead of against you.

You’re going to notice effects from Glycolog in both a bulk and a cut.

During a bulk Glycolog’s effects act as a shuttling agent for the food you eat as it floats through your blood and is absorbed by your muscle tissue.  It’s effects cause more of that food energy to go into the muscles, hence more protein retention and muscle hypertrophy.

During a cut Glycolog’s effects really shines.  Especially for someone who is natural or doesn’t use SARMS, Steroids or Prohormones.  When you are restricting your calories, you need as much of the food you eat as possible to go toward muscle tissue and away from fat.  Since Glycolog inhibits Body Fat Oxidation Inhibition by Insulin, it will also help you to be able to burn body fat even when you are eating carbs.


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Blackstone Labs Glycolog Reviews

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