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So what is “The Misc.” ?

Well, it’s pronounced “Misk” which stands for miscellaneous.  The forums have been up forever since like 2003.

The Forums originally existed as a place for bodybuilders to discuss

Angie Varona Being Harrassed by Misc’ers

bodybuilding stuff.  As time has gone on they’ve become more and more politically correct and now it’s just a cesspool of negativity and garbage supplements over there.

The Misc. Section was created as a place to discuss off topic shit and it quickly became the forums most trafficked section getting over a million unique visitors per day.

The Misc. used to be a funny place, you could post all kinds of nasty shit on there, look at


almost naked girls, talk about performance enhancing drugs and prohormones.  Zyzz got his start there.  Tons of people have used the massive traffic that the Misc. section gets as a way of promoting themselves or their brand.  It’s a great place to get targeted viewership from people interested in improving their bodies.

Now the Misc. is just a bunch of foreveralone losers.  It’s the most negative cesspool of

i’ve ever witnessed.  The people there are hell bent on consuming the rest of the world in their self loathing.  The normal topics of discussion have changed to If you’re not tall kill yourself, if

you don’t have a good looking face kill yourself, if you don’t look like Jeff Seid kill yourself, all

Average Miscer

women are whores, circumcision vs uncut, Black vs. White.  The list goes on and on.  If you hang out there it’s guaranteed to bring your self-esteem down a few notches.

I first had the idea to move to Thailand way back around 2009 when I saw Harvie from post a thread there talking about his life here in Bangkok.  He’s still here in Thailand by the way.

A favorite on that forum was the old hnnng threads before tumblr was popular.  People would post selfie’s of chicks that had sent them nudes.  The forum would show censored pics but if you private messaged they dude and gave him some green squares he’d send you the good stuff. hahah.

More Average Miscers

That forum is way over moderated now though.  The mods put an end to all fun almost instantly 24 hours a day.  I’m sure they get off to it.  They love banning people.

I got banned from there so many times with so many different accounts.

That was how I originally found, well it’s predecessor which is now defunct.

If you like the misc i’d advise going over to fitmisc, it’s so much better, it will remind you of the glory days of where as soon as you logged on it was just straight laughter for hours.

aight, i’m out

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