Growth Hormone Releasing Bodybuilding Peptides

Growth Hormone Releasing Bodybuilding Peptides often purchased legally in the USA as “Research Chemicals”

bodybuilding peptides

CJC-1295 and GHRP-6 Popular Bodybuilding Peptides Legal for Releasing High Amounts of Natural HGH

Bodybuilding Peptides are Amino-Acid Based Hormones, unlike Steroids which are Cholesterol based.

Generally the peptides used in bodybuilding are isolated pieces of the human growth hormone molecule, which exert targeting effects.

Growth Hormone releasing bodybuilding peptides are more or less a developing aspect of modern pro bodybuilding while experimentation with them continues.  They were only brought to bodybuilding around the time of the appearance of The Roid Guts in the late 90’s.

It is unclear how effective bodybuilding peptides are.  Clinical data shows that they do work, very well in fact, to increase levels of muscle building, fat burning, and insulin sensitivity, as well as many other effects.  In practice, Bodybuilders seem to offer conflicting conclusions of their results using bodybuilding peptides and research chemicals.  Some say they don’t work, while others think they are great in addition to the triple combination.

the two most popular bodybuilding peptides

bodybuilding peptides

Hilariously, Sylvester Stallone was caught with Testosterone, HGH, and GHRP-6 at an airport. It was confiscated.

GHRP-6:  GHRP-6 (growth hormone releasing peptide #6) has a tremendous amount of peak growth hormone levels.  Unit per unit it increases growth hormone about the same amount as real HGH however, GHRP-6 only releases growth hormone in pulses or spikes.  This amounts to much less total growth hormone output than the long lasting 12 hour jacked up HGH levels that injecting the real stuff causes.

CJC-1295:  Another growth hormone releasing peptide.  CJC-1295 has an amplified synergistic effect on release of HGH when combined with GHRP-6

When CJC-1295 and GHRP-6 are injected together, they can increase IGF Levels in the blood as much as medium doses of HGH can.  Not bad.  But you really do want to consider this detail when blasting peptides.  You are forcing your own pituitary to work on slave mode.  That thing is being forced to pump out supraphysiological dosages of HGH that’s crazy man, imagine a pituitary burnout from that shit.  Fuck that.

Personally I wouldn’t use Bodybuilding Peptides, they haven’t been used or researched enough for me to fell comfortable.  Plus they have potential to do a bunch of bizarre shit that I don’t want.

Bostin Loyd Demostrating His Use of Bodbuilding Peptides in the Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym Parking Lot.

They are available for purchase legally as research chemicals from peptide companies online.  Guys start businesses getting the powders from China and bottling them with a label to sell them legally as chemicals sold for research purposes to USA customers.  Bostin Loyd has a peptide company selling this stuff called Transformix Peptides.

But this is all just advice so do whatever the fuck you want to do

-the bodybuilder in thailand

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