Bostin Loyd Anabolic Steroids Transformation

Bostin Loyd Mr. 3CC baby please

Famous for massive synthol, hgh, insulin, and steroid abuse, winning prestigious bodybuilding competitions, and his never before seen open honesty about his bodybuilding drug use.

One of the most interesting aspects of Bostin’s openness about performance enhancing drugs is his demonstration of the practical application and importance of synthol use in bodybuilding.

While synthol is traditionally seen as a grotesque and disfiguring substance, Bostin Loyd shows on his own body how significant doses of the site enhancing substance can result in the improvement of lagging body parts without detracting from the flow of the physique.

This directly challenges the assumption that synthol is only used by circus freaks and not by high placing contestants in the IFBB.  Bostin Shows that synthol can be used to legitimately bostin loydenhance the look of a bodybuilding physique by bringing up lagging body parts, without showing any noticable signs of the oily substances use.

Where to start with this guy, there’s so much to talk about positive and negative, this is a dude with a Ton of personality and a massive cult following.

My favorite quote involving him is the magazine cover he had “Bostin Loyd opens up and carpet bombs the industry” shot had me rolling on the floor laughing because of how true it is.

Let’s start with where he is right now,

His latest video is of him displaying a massively improved and mature physique looking sickening and absolutely piss as fuck.  Standing in front of his Team 3CC SYNTHOL hummer giving himself peptide injections of IGF-1 LR3 and HGH Frag in the parking lot of Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym.

His best line from this little episode?

“Fuck it, they’re legal”


Alright man, I want to see you giving yourself peptide injections in funny places, that would be a great viral video idea.  How about standing in line at the supermarket, oh and how about a peptide injection while zooming down the slide at a McDonald’s children’s playhouse!

My take on him:

I think there is definitely value in listening to him and what he has to say.  He gives a perspective that is based on complete transparency and there really isn’t anyone else in the history of the bodybuilding and sports industries who is willing to talk about performance enhancing drugs

bostin loyd

Bostin Winning The NPC Contra Costa Show, The Year After Kali Muscle Won

the way that he’s does.

You can learn a lot about performance enhancing drugs just from watching his videos, listening to what he’s doing and then watching the effects the drugs have on his body.

What I think is funny is how everyone in the industry tries to paint this guy and some kind of extreme abuser that is doing stuff no other Mass Monsters would ever dream of.  Even Dave Palumbo, Bostin’s former coach, pretends to be flabbergasted when Bostin Loyd discusses his dosages.  The truth is, Dave was a massive abuser of bodybuilding drugs back in the late 90’s and he’s just bullshitting you by acting like Bostin is some kind of extremist.

Bostin Loyd is not an extremist, he does what all the IFBB pros do as far as drug protocols.

He’s just completely outed and exposed the “Industry” and their bullshit supplements.  Now all they can come back with is damage control.

This coming contest season will be exciting as we will be able to watch him compete with his best developed and polished look yet.

Watch for him to win an NPC show

As his physique has become so good, it will be almost impossible to deny him.

Bostin’s OG Video “The Untold Truth” That Made Him Famous




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