Where To Buy Pharma Grade Ancilliaries

Where To Buy Pharma Grade Ancilliaries

Hey what’s up,

Bodybuilder in Thailand here dropping a knowledge bomb.  Learned this the hard way.
First off Guys,

Research Chemicals are shit house.

Even the best sources are inconsistent with dosing and potency / sometimes

pharma grade

Human Pharma Grade Nolvadex Tablets by Astra Zeneca

the correct ingredient isn’t even contained in the product.  Add all this to the fact the taking chemicals mixed in everclear 70% grain alcohol makes a person like SHIT, and we all easily see, research chemicals are a crutch.  They suck, they’re a last resort.

You guys know there are Online Pharmacies Shipping from Government Licensed and Inspected Facilities in India 100% Legit Pharma Grade Ancilliaries and basically all prescription medicines?

It’s cheap too.

You need Cialis? $1 for a 20mg tablet ,

HCG from Organon? $20 for 5000IU ,

Astra Zeneca Nolvadex? $13 for 30 tablets ,

Aromasin Letro Arimidex Caber Prami ? It’s all there both Brand Name and Generic.

pharma grade

This is the box it comes in, open customs declaration

You don’t need a prescription to bring prescription medications from outside the country into the USA if they are for personal supply.

Shipping takes about 10 days from placing the order to it arriving at your door.  So that’s a little drawback, gotta plan when you need it since it won’t be being overnighted.

The site shipping pharma grade ancilliaries I have experience with and I know is legit is

ReliableRX Pharmacy

Have made many orders from them over the years and they always come through perfectly.

Their customer service is so good that after you place your order online about 20 minutes later a customer service representative calls you and goes over you order to make sure all the correct products are sent.

and No

you don’t need a prescription.

If you feel a bit confused, In this article on kratomhappy.com (our sister site) I take you through exactly how to order, step by step using viagra (sildenafil) as an example product.

Buy Real Viagra Online (Step by Step)


8 thoughts on “Where To Buy Pharma Grade Ancilliaries

  1. kuma moore

    Like your website and looking to get lean again. I am 6″0′ around 210, but need to get back down to my 195 weight. I tried the P6 extreme Black and new one (Extreme Red) and felt great and did like the results. I definitely do not want anything that messes with the liver. I was thinking of the CHOSEN 1, but what is PCT as the articles I read stated to get back your blood levels after you have completed your CHOSEN 1 cycles…

    1. BodyBuilder InThailand Post author

      Hey you should get good results with chosen1 if you are looking for some good strength gains and hardening up. For pct you can use Nolvadex or an otc product like red supplements RED PCT https://youtu.be/kI9FQ-06SZE <-- really good stuff, or Blackstone labs eradicate You don't need to worry about bloodwork, this stuff is mild an is not liver toxic

  2. kuma moore

    By the way, your youtube seemed legit and not just selling a product. I appreciate the in dept knowledge you displayed and it made me more comfortable. Please let me know about the PCT and those cialis pills….

  3. Checmate

    Hey man you seem pretty honest and genuine but I gotta ask is this site legit man? If so I will definitely order man.I been looking for this stuff..Seem like good prices as well so lemme know bro


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