Calum Von Moger Steroid Cycle

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Calum Von Moger Steroid Cyclecalum von moger

Hey guys Dan from bodybuilder in Thailand here to discuss a little bit about what kind of anabolics are necessary to achieve a physique like Calum Von Moger.  The guy is huge, fucking jacked, and looks a bit like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Not surprisingly, Calum’s physique almost certainly involves a high dosage of a mild steroid that Arnold was known to have had a love affair with.

Lets start out by making it clear that there is no way to accurately say “this is what someone is on” unless that person honestly tells you what they are on.  What I am doing in this post is using my experience to lay out a protocol that is most likely very close to what Supplements Calum Von Moger uses to achieve his physique.  What I lay out may not be exactly what Calum is on, but nevertheless it is what is required to achieve a physique and look on par with Calum’s for MOST PEOPLE, and is what the most revered bodybuilding coaches would recommend to an athlete looking to build a physique like Calum Von Moger’s.

calum von moger

calum von moger with Sergio olive jr. in venice


So first off, the guy isn’t abusing gear.  I know that’s not what you haters wanted to hear.  His look is super dry more or less completely devoid of subcutaneous water retention.  People with skin like that are usually not abusing excessive dosages of performance enhancing drugs.

The steroid calum von moger is most likely utilizing to get his look is Primobolan.  As far as I can see he is a textbook example of a bodybuilder on high dosages of primobolan.  He looks super anabolic and dry but not squared off and sharpened like he would on tren.  Instead he looks round, full, vascular, and androgenic (shiny skin).  His look being attributed to primobolan is with almost 100% certainty.  He’s almost certainly not using deca, dbol, high test, or any other aromatizing compounds, since he is way too dry and without mineral retention.

calum von moger

Calum Von Moger with Jeff Seid at Gold’s Gym

For HGH and insulin these are obviously very important to his size and year round conditioning.  But I don’t see more than 4iu-6iu of FDA pharm grade growth hormone per day along with something like 5iu of insulin.  Really any growth hormone at all causes some blurry looking muscle in the arms etc. and I just don’t see any “blurry swirly” looking muscle on his limbs.  Because of this i’m going to also guess that a diuretic steroid like winstrol is in there.  It could be anavar but it’s probably winstrol.  In this picture to the right you can really see how dry and tight Calum’s skin is as he is showing a grainy look that Jeff Seid does not possess.  We already know Jeff is that year round shredded fitness model guy who competes at the Mr. Olympia level in men’s physique.  Comparison photos that turn out like this present a strong case for DHT based anabolic steroids being prominent in Calum Von Moger’s stack.calum von moger

Alright, as previously stated it is impossible to just “call out” someone’s stack without them telling you, but experience and a trained eye can usually pick things out and come up with a pretty close idea of what PED’s someone is using. I’m going to lay out a template of what I would guess his cycle is.  Either if this is not the cycle he uses it is still a cycle that top bodybuilding coaches would recommend to get his look.  And isn’t that the reason you’re here reading this anyway? Of course!!! But unfortunately taking Calum Von Moger’s Steroid Cycle will not make you look like him.  His look is from years of consistent training, diet, and hormones.  so with out further adoo…

The Calum Von Moger Steroid Cycle:

1000mg+ Primobolan per week

350mg Test Prop per week

50mg Winstrol per day

FDA Growth Hormone 4iu-6iu per day

Insulin 5iu per day

0.5mg Arimidex every other day

100mcg T4 Thyroxine per day

That’s it? Yeah that’s going to be pretty close to what his cycle is.  Few things could be tweaked a bit as well.  It’s a possibility that he’s using Equipoise as it is a relative to Primobolan (but not as good) and is very popular in Australia.

He could be using a different kind of test like Sustanon 250 in which case I would guess he is using 2CC’s per week.  The cycle I laid out might not be his cycle, but it’s the cycle that 90% of people are going to use to get to that size/look.

That’s pretty much it guys. The other question I know I am going to get is “Does Calum Von Moger use Trenbolone?” He only uses it around his competitions.  His physique is much too round to be on Tren during his normal day to day pictures and videos.  if you notice when he does a competition his skin becomes much more sucked in while his muscles take on a “square” appearance.



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