Can Testosterone Shrink Testicles

Can Testosterone Shrink Testicles ?

First off, Get your testosterone checked this week in your city.  Labcorp has locations everywhere, and you can view the test results online later that day. Their Website –> purchase a test online .

A common fear for men considering administering testosterone injections is having little marble small balls as a side effect.

Yeah testosterone replacement therapy will shrink your balls a bit.  It also makes them hang a bit higher.  It isn’t dramatic but it is an effect.  I’d say my balls are 75% full size on TRT.

If this is a concern to you, then you need to use HCG.  If you are already on hormone

can testosterone shrink testicles


replacement therapy with testosterone and your balls are a bit small then injecting 250IU HCG twice per week, usually monday and thursday, will bring them up to full size in under a week.  If you use HCG while using Testosterone at once, then your balls will not shrink.

My balls shrunk to 75% original size (give or take 10 %) on TRT. I had long known about HCG and it’s effects on the testicles, so I knew I needed to get some HCG because I wanted them to go back to full size.

I don’t have insurance and I pay out of pocket for my testosterone replacement therapy, so I didn’t want to double my monthly bill getting my doctor to give me bi-weekly HCG injections, so I just started ordering it from an Online Pharmacy I Know a bunch of people in america use.

I’ve been using this Online Pharmacy called Reliable RX that is registered with the government

buy hcg

The HCG I Got From The Pharmacy I Recommend
(I’ve Linked The Picture To Their Sales Page

If You Want To Buy HCG Just Click The Pic)

in India but they sell prescription medications to people in the USA  without requiring prescription.  I checked the laws for importing prescription medications into the United States and it is legal and not a problem at customs to import a “Personal Supply of Medications – non controlled substances.”

Meaning that it’s legal to import these pharmaceutical grade prescription drugs like HCG into the USA without a prescription.  It’s only like $20 for a month supply of HCG so I just started buying my HCG from there, and then I started getting my aromatase inhibitor “arimidex aka anastrazole” from there as well, since it was way way cheaper coming straight from the pharmacy to me.  .

So anyway, I started self administering HCG injections twice per week.  250 IU each time from an insulin syringe into my hip.  Balls came back to full size in less than 5 days.

Can testosterone shrink testicles dilemna solved!

Shipping takes 9 or 10 days from when you ordered it until it arrives at your door.  I actually thought it was cool because 20 minutes after I placed my order online they called me up on my cell phone and had someone who spoke good english confirm my order.

You can learn the injection technique at The Spot Injections website  I used that technique.

following these directions:

and you can get the necessary equipment here:

Can Testosterone Shrink Testicles? Yes, but it can be prevented or reversed easily by using HCG.

Cool little trick using HCG.

Where To Buy Pharmaceutical HCG Injections Online

and for serious serious laughs –

Rich Piana Penis and Testicles on Testosterone Video



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