Cardarine Reviews

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Cardarine Reviews

Cardarine is commonly referred to as a SARM  (selective androgen receptor modulator).  This is an incorrect assumption and most likely the result of Cardarine being sold as a research chemical on Chem websites alongside growth hormone releasing peptides and SARMS.

Cardarine is a PPAR Agonist. PPAR stands for Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptor. This receptor is found on all of the bodies cells. It is especially dense on skeletal muscle cells.

Stimulating the PPAR receptor causes the body to switch it’s preference from burning glucose for fuel to instead prefer burning lipids (fat) for fuel.

This is essentially the same things doing a ketogenic diet accomplishes, and is the reason the ketogenic diet is so effective at burning stored body fat.

Changing the bodies preference from glucose to lipids will prevent the bodybuilder on a cutting diet trying to lose weight from experiencing the dreaded brain fog and fatigue/lethargy that everyone who has been through a hard diet knows they can only endure for so long before cheating.

Stimulation of the PPAR receptor also causes the muscles to uptake extra glucose in the form of muscle glycogen, which is the bodies way of storing energy in the muscles.

This extra glycogen load causes the muscles to be extra strong and to have extra endurance.

Cardarine’s strong activation of the PPAR receptor make it comparable to clenbuterol and T3 thyroid hormone in effectiveness for burning fat quickly.

If added to a stack of prohormones, or taken standalone, you should expect a significant boost in your ability to burn fat as well as the rate of fat burning to he much quicker.

Take 4 caps per day until you run out

Cardarine Reviews

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    1. BodyBuilder InThailand Post author

      Hey I think he’s vegan and likely takes steroids.

      I will have a better look at his physique later to look for AAS qualities in his muscle.

      people seem to not understand that it’s not “you can get that big natural, he’s not on steroids!” Is not how you recognize steroids use.

      Use is recognized by quality of the muscle which usually only other AAS users have a tuned eye to recognize


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