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Delray Misfits

The Delray Misfits

The Delray Misfits What’s Up Dude, The Delray Misfits is a reality show with over 100 episodes on Youtube.  The show is about a group of Bodybuilders and Gym Goers… Read more »

biggest bodybuilder ever

Ronnie Coleman Biggest Bodybuilder Ever

Ronnie Coleman The Biggest Bodybuilder Ever Among those who follow professional bodybuilding closely, Ronnie Coleman’s name simply must be mentioned, in a conversation regarding muscular development or else the individual… Read more »


Zyzz Steroids

Zyzz Brah U ‘Mirin? “Zyzz” is the name of the historic character portrayed on the Forums Misc Section by Aziz Sergeyevich Shavershian. He Died in Pattaya Thailand, about a… Read more »

rob riches

Is Rob Riches Natural?

Rob “Roids” Riches Fitness Model Rob Riches has an incredible physique.  Damn, i’d love to look like that.  Dude’s got a perfect body. Unfortunately, his tips and tricks to becoming… Read more »

simeon panda

Is Simeon Panda Natural?

Simeon Panda – Steroids or 100% Natural Hard Work? Simeon Panda AKA the natural Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Is he really natural? Well I’ll tell you one thing those fucking eyebrows are… Read more »