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Kai Greene Grapefruit

Kai Greene Grapefruit ah, the most infamous episode in bodybuilding gay for pay history. Yes, Kai Greene came from poverty and in order to jump start his bodybuilding career and… Read more »

layne norton

Layne Norton a Liar PHD

Layne Norton PHD Physique Architect  For the love of god this guy is a tool. Vegan Gains said it perfectly, Layne thought “hmmm how am I going to differentiate myself… Read more »


Chris Jones Steroids

Chris Jones Steroids PumpChasers and Physiques of Greatness – Beast Mode Son! Chris Jones has got a great thing going on youtube.  He does a fantastic job of not only… Read more »

jeff seid

Jeff Seid

Jeff Seid has got to be one of the most entertaining characters in the fitness industry. Dude truly lives a wild and envious lifestyle, gets laid with tons of hot… Read more »


Is Kinobody Natty?

Is Kinobody Natty? Well, sometimes he is, sometimes he isn’t.  That’s the most probable explanation but without a shadow of a doubt this guy at least CYCLES androgenic steroids. Kinobody… Read more »