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Is Kinobody Natty?

Is Kinobody Natty? Well, sometimes he is, sometimes he isn’t.  That’s the most probable explanation but without a shadow of a doubt this guy at least CYCLES androgenic steroids. Kinobody… Read more »

matt ogus

Is Matt Ogus Natural?

Is Matt Ogus Natural? Well I used to think so, I was so impressed by his physique and knowledge that I actually hired his coach at Team 3DMJ Well, 3DMJ… Read more »

Hard Moving Abroad?

What’s It Like Living Abroad? Is It Hard Moving Abroad? Honestly it’s pretty chill here in Bangkok Thailand. Everybody’s pretty nice, there’s good food to eat fun places to hangout… Read more »


Developing Motivation and Discipline Click the Google Link To Check Out 30 Days of Discipline: MOTIVATION. Why do you want it?  You want to be motivated to do what?… Read more »