Christian Guzman Alphalete

Christian Guzman AlphaleteChristian Guzman

This guy Christian Guzman works hard guys there is no fucking doubt about that.  The dude is intelligent.  He quickly ditched the whole fake natty in the gym giving training advice thing and moved onto much bigger and much better things.

See, the name of the game in making big bucks in this world is having a product, meeting or creating a demand for that product, and selling that shit.

Christian Guzman understands this.  The guy is a businessman.

There isn’t much money to be made from “Youtube Adsense” or whatever.  The name of the game is selling a product.  Christian Guzman

Christian Guzman is living his dream of being a fashion designer (lol) and started his Alphalete Clothing Brand.

You wanna hear something crazy? His shit is so big that I see Thai Guys here in thailand at my gym wearing his Alphalete gear.  I’m dead serious.  His shit is worldwide.

That’s why the guy drives around Lamborghini’s and Range Rover’s and shit lol, while also having a million dollar house.  The guy has more money than he knows what to do with. haha. I’m a little jelly i’ll admit.  Christian Guzman

Good for him though,  his videos are pretty low quality content just a lot of following him around with a camera all day and him doing his modeling stuff haha and talking about “Prep” lol peppy peppy preppy!!!

Apparently it motivates the fuck out of a bunch of kids though as he has 400,000 subscribers and legions of die hard loyal fans who live through him and worship him.Christian Guzman

He’s definitely one of the most successful Fitness Youtubers.  He’s making more money than pretty much everyone, which is crazy considering that he’s like 24 years old and a college drop out.  Way to go man, that is seriously impressive.

His Youtube channel is a very very good example of having a product, a soft selling it through making videos, looking good, and creating demand.

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