Is Dana Linn Bailey Natural?

Dana Linn Bailey DLB

“She’s so natural that she won’t even take aspirin when she gets sick! I try to tell her she needs it, but that’s just how dedicated she is to doing this without drugs.” – George Farah, Dana’s Coach

dana linn bailey

Look at Those 3d Deltoids! BAM!@

Dana Linn Bailey The Popular Social Media Alternative Punk Rock Emo Hardcore Female Bodybuilder.

She is good.  Let me tell you that, She is a DAMN good bodybuilder.  Proven by her victory at the Physique Ms. Olympia her first try.

She’s got a highly followed instagram and youtube channel. A successful clothing brand called “Flag nor Fail” as well as a cool life driving around in a motor home doing bodybuilding stuff with her bodybuilder husband Rob Bailey.

She’s also got probably the most incredible trenbolone filled deltoids and trapezius muscles of any woman to walk planet earth.

For the love of god, most men taking the anabolic steroid trenbolone are trying to get delts like that.  They are her signature body part and absolutely out of this world.

For the most part she seems like a pretty fun “woman” spunky, upbeat, likes to listen to heavy

dana linn bailey

Dana Before and After Anabolic Steroids, Insulin, and HGH

metal, and she obviously enjoys working hard and physical activity.

She mostly appeals to a “tough woman” crowd as i’ve seen lots of serious training women at the gym wearing her flag nor fail apparel. (btw what the fuck does flag nor fail mean?)  Usually the type of women wearing her apparel are her hardcore fans, which appear to be the type who use their bitch facial expression to intimidate the shit out of you in the gym, using telekinesis to let all men know that if you speak to them while they are wearing their low rimmed hat, earphones, and resting bitch face that they will kick you in the balls, get you kicked out of the gym for sexual harassment, and then file a law suit against you for “Touching their pussy.”

Check out this video of Dana Linn Bailey Giving a speech about body positivity

She Wishes She Could Share Some of the Good Body Image She Has With Other Women.

Nah, but for real though she seems happy with who she is and everyone can respect that.  I dana linn baileymean confidence in your individuality is something we all strive for, and since she really enjoys being big and muscular and playing with her steroid clit, good for her.

And Finally, An Awesome Motivational Bodybuilding Video Dana Linn Bailey Did With CT Fletcher and Kai Greene, If She Shit Does Not Get You Excited To Work Out. Stop Going To The Gym.



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