DNP – The Most Dangerous Drug in Bodybuilding

DNP – The Most Dangerous Drug in Bodybuildingdnp

Lots of talk about this drug in the last couple of years.  It’s been around and been being used for a long time though.  A lot of people say you will die from taking steroids.  This is not true, no one has ever died from using steroids, BUT people have died from utilising the world’s most powerful weight loss drug DNP.  DNP is an abbreviation for;


DNP is an “Uncoupling Agent” used for shedding body fat.  It causes the mitochondria in each of


DNP The Most Dangerous Drug in Bodybuilding

the bodies cells to produce massive amounts of energy in the form of heat that is then unable to escape the cell and be used by the body.  Dinitrophenol puts your bodies cells into overdrive.  Deaths by DNP (which happen each year usually by misinformed university students) are the result of the overactive mitochondria literally cooking the cells and killing them.  Dinitrophenol causes every cell in the body to create massive amounts of heat, therefore these people who die from taking Dinitrophenol are literally cooking from the inside out.

DNP was used extensively in diet pills from 1933 to 1938 after Two Chemists at Stanford University made their first report on the drug’s ability to greatly increase metabolic rate.  After only its first year on the market it is estimated that probably at least 100,000 persons had been treated with Dinitrophenol in the United States, in addition to many others abroad.

The unfortunate reality is that most people who get messed up from DNP are not bodybuilders


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but are normal people who want to lose weight and somehow get ahold of it without being informed.  Most bodybuilders already know how to lose weight and do not need DNP.

I think Dinitrophenol tempts people because you can literally lose 7 pounds of pure fat tissue in a week from it.  It is by far the most powerful thermogenic on planet earth.

A common dosage would be 250mg per day.  Which would cause extreme sweating, massive appetite, and a feeling of extreme heat in the body.

When people want to use the “more is better” approach, this is a drug that has deadly consequences.

An 18 year old Alladin Sarmud who Died from using DNP in 2012

An 18 year old Alladin Sarmud who Died from using DNP in 2012

Typically 750mg-1250mg DNP is the dosage those who have died have been using.  The body just cannot take the amount of heat the mitochondria are producing which results in death.

It’s true, some pros and some amateur bodybuilders do use Dinitrophenol but this is really pushing the amount of risk you are exposing yourself to and is an example of YOLO behavior.

Dinitrophenol doesn’t get your body in any better or harder condition that just dieting without drugs, and it really isn’t necessary.  If you have been contemplating using it, consider this, hire a diet coach, hell hire a coach to do your drugs, diet, and training.  No one NEEDS DNP and it won’t be the difference between winning and losing that competition.

Consider a powerful thermogenic like ECA Stack or Clenbuterol, or even Thyroid Meds like T3 instead.

-The Bodybuilder in Thailand

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