Does Creatine Work

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Does Creatine Work

Creating is a white crystal powder that looks like cocaine.

does creatine work

Creatine in a Spoon

Personally I don’t use muscle building supplements except for creatine.  The reason why is after extensive research and self experimentation, supplements like protein powder, bcaa’s, test boosters, none of that shit works.

The only supplement that does anything (and isn’t a drug labeled and sold as a supplement) is Creatine Monohydrate, and notice I specified regular old monohydrate, none of the other creatines work, they’re all garbage.  However, there has been extensive scientific research on creatine monohydrate and it has numerous effects on the entire body.

Also, Anecdotally, Creatine Monohydrate does improve my muscle mass and strength at 5g per day after taking it for 2 weeks.  It literally pushes glycogen (fuel) and water into my muscles making me gain 5 pounds and making my muscles noticeably bigger, rounder, fuller, and

does creatine work

You need to Abuse Steroids, HGH, and Insulin to look like this. Take all the creatine you want but it isn’t the magical ingredient

stronger.  Let’s be realistic though guys, I’m talking a very slight increase here.  It’s not like I walk into the gym and everyone is gawking and i’m like “Fuck Yeah I’m on Creatine.” No, Creatine is not steroids and will give you nowhere near the gains that something like Testosterone or Ostarine will give you.

As far as scientific studies on Creatine and Athletic Performance, There is scientific evidence that short term creatine use can increase maximum power and performance in high-intensity anaerobic repetitive work (weightlifting) by 5 to 15%. This is mainly bouts of sprints and multiple sets of strength training with few repetitions. Single effort work shows an increase of 1 to 5% max strength output.  So we have some science in addition to my thoughts to answer does creatine work.

Creatine Bodybuilding will produce a little more gains than one would have naturally, Creatine supplements are also dirt cheap.  A month supply will cost you about $5-10 USD. Does Creatine work like steroids? no.

When to take Creatine is whenever you feel like it, just take it with food though as it absorbs better.  The benefits of creatine supplementation are numerous but the most interesting to me are creatine’s benefits on testosterone, IGF-1 HGH, and myostatin.

A study of male college football players published in 2006 found a 22% increase in restingdoes creatine work testosterone levels after a 10-week resistance training program in the creatine supplemented group compared to placebo.  One study done in 2008 showed that levels of IGF-1 (which is indicative of HGH levels) in muscle increased by 15% with creatine supplementation compared to placebo after 8 weeks of resistance training. I n a study from 2010 it was found that 8 weeks of resistance training together with creatine supplementation resulted in lower Myostatin levels (Myostatin is a protein that signals to the body to break down muscle tissue) compared to 8 weeks of resistance training and placebo as well as to control

Danger of Creatine use and creatine side effects are basically non-existant.  Extensive research has shown that oral creatine supplementation of five to 20 grams per day appears to be very safe and largely devoid of adverse side-effects, while at the same time effectively improving the physiological response to resistance exercise, increasing the maximal force production of muscles in both men and women.  In 2004 the European Food Safety Authority published a record which stated that oral long-term intake of 3g pure creatine per day is risk-free.   A 2003 study on athletes who took creatine for 21 months, found no significant changes in markers of kidney function; a 2008 study on athletes who took creatine for 3 months, found no evidence of kidney damage during that time.

Does Creatine Work ? Yes, it works.  It’s probably the only supplement (that isn’t a drug) that does.

does creatine work


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