DurianRider – Vegan Cyclist and Steroid Police

DurianRider – Vegan Cyclist and Steroid Police

“If you’re FULL NATURAL cunt then where’s your carbon isotope ratio testosterone test from



USADA? If you want to be a swoldier like Ogus, Chris Jones, and Kinobody then you’ve gotta hop on the gas brah.” (Holds up a vial of Sustanon 250 from the HRT clinic)

-Durian Rider

God this guy is a frickin’ crackup.  Dudes a major jimmy rustler and another guy just like Vegan Gains who has me rolling on the floor laughing my ass off everytime he calls out a fake natural bodybuilder salesman.

Durian also has by far the sexiest girlfriend of all the fitness youtubers “Freelee The Banana


Freelee the banana girl – Durianrider’s Girlfriend

Girl” I myself don’t know how he initially attracted her either, but all I know is she is sexy as fuck and I would hit it with the force of 1,000 burning suns.

In This Hilarious Video DurianRider goes scavenging for recyclable trash in Australia then, turns in the recyclables for like 30$ and then goes to the local HRT clinic gets a script and buys steroids with the money, showing all of this on camera. fuckin lol

Basically, this guy Durian, eats 30 bananas a day, rides his bicycle all over the pacific, and draws attention to how easy it it to obtain gear and evade drug tests for doping.

He’s a sort of informant to the general public.

I like the guy, he’s funny and he doesn’t resort to being negative.  He’s got nothing against using steroids.  In fact, he is all for using steroids and has actually used them himself.  For 6 weeks he injected himself with 500mg of Sustanon 250 Testosterone and took an Anadrol 50 everyday LMAO.

Now he talks about this in all his videos saying “Sex steroids? i’ve done sex steroids! what do you want to know?”

The irony of this is in the fact that he is drawing attention to the horseshit double standard of male and female sex steroids that exists in our society.

Something like 70% of the human female population is on steroids

The birth control pill is by definition sex steroids.  Preparations of Progesterone derivatives and estrogen derivatives.

The same damn thing as male androgenic sex steroids.

Derivatives of the male sex hormone testosterone.

Females are given their estrogenic sex steroids for free by the government, while men are thrown in jail for possessing their androgenic sex steroids.

Technically if you cut your testicles off and held them in your hand you’d be guilty of a felony because you would be in possession of testosterone, a banned and illegal schedule 3 controlled substance in the USA which carries the same penalties for possession as Speed Amphetamine.

DurianRider uses his channel to call attention to all of this horseshit.

Actually because of watching him I realised the importance of carbs and now pretty much have cut my protein intake in half while adding 50% more carbs to my diet.  His slogan? “Carb The Fuck Up!” has resulted in better muscle pumps for me in the gym.

Because of his participation in cross country cycling, Durian also has an amazing inside perspective into Lance Armstrong and doping in the cycling community.  He has made some tremendously insightful videos on doping in professional sports.

Anyways, DurianRider comes here to Thailand sometimes, so maybe someday i’ll see him around.

Until Then,

Keep Doing What You Are Doing Bro!

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