Dust Extreme Reviews Blackstone Labs

Dust Extreme Reviews

Dust Extreme Reviews by Blackstone Labs is the Pre Workout I’ve been using lately.

It’s extremely strong, which I need because I’m deep into a ketogenic cutting diet and I need electric stimulation in order to maintain the extreme intensity I produce in the gym.

Ever since I started watching the Del Ray Misfits and Jason Genova on YouTube I’ve become aware of Blackstone Labs. Blackstone and Primeval labs are really the two companies in the supplement industry pushing the boundaries of what is “legal” right now.

Dust Extreme Pre Workout caught my eye when I saw it advertised having 75mg DMAA  (1,3 Dimethylamylamine) per scoop.

That is the same chemical stimulant that made the original Jacked Pre workout so legendary.

DMAA has a chemical structure related to methamphetamine and ephedrine. While it is notdust extreme reviews technically illegal almost all companies have abandoned using it now because the FDA has threatened to prosecute any supplement company using it in their products for negligence as it has been associated with several deaths when marathon runners used it at the end of their races.

Honestly, a lack of safety shouldn’t be a concern unless you do something stupid like take DMAA after running 25 miles in order to push through the final 4 miles when your body simply cannot continue like those marathon runners did.

DMAA makes you feel different when you take it. I would go as far as saying it alters your state of consciousness  a bit , similar to the way that taking Adderall or Ritalin does.

Your body just feels lit up on this stuff. And your mind a little extra focused, you know that feeling where you start doing something and hours go by and you don’t notice because no other thoughts are passing through your head other than what is right in front of you?

Yeah that’s DMAA.dust extreme reviews

Overall, it’s just a strong ass stimulant that makes me not hungry, want to get up and be active, and feel a bit agitated/aggressive.

Dust extreme reviews also contains 350mg caffeine per scoop, the same amount as a Starbucks VENTI coffee so be careful bro, you are slamming as the largest Starbucks Coffee with each scoop you take and we all know how strong that is.

The next ingredient dust extreme reviews has is Higenamine, very exciting.

Higenamine is a beta-2 agonist similar in strength to Clenbuterol “Clen”.

Clen makes me irritable and gives me a Parkinson like subtle shake in my hands. It also makes stronger.

I got these same effects from dust extreme reviews and no doubt it was the Higenamine causing this.

Most notably is the added strength. Beta-2 agonists force tons of adrenaline to be spilled into the blood stream causing you to feel VERY jacked up.dust extreme reviews

You are inherently stronger by about 10-15lbs on all lifts because of this.

I’m only taking 1 scoop of Blackstone labs dust extreme 4 workout per week because it’s strong as fuck,  I feel like I’m tweaking, and I don’t want my tolerance to go up at all

I don’t always use preworkout products, usually I just drink a jar of black coffee I brew at home preworkout, but as I’m deep in my ketogenic diet I just seriously needed a boost, and I wanted to utilize the extreme stimulants in dust extreme.

After I finish cutting I’ll drop it out of my program and go back to drinking black coffee.

-the bodybuilder in thailand


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  1. dlan

    hey mate im currently in bangkok and wondering about the legality of importing it to thailand via a1supps ..you ever had any problems with customs?

  2. Nader

    Speaking of Thailand, you’re importing this in Thailand?

    Are they making you open up your supplement packages and whatnot?

    I live in Jordan, no matter what kind of powder I buy, they inspect it and ask why don’t I just buy it locally lol… as if that’s possible in a 3rd world country!

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