ECA Stack Thermogenic Guide

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How To Do The ECA Stack for Fat Loss Ephedrine Caffiene Aspirin

ec stack

The EC Stack Ingredients
(ignore the fish oil lol)

The ECA stack for burning fat refers to taking Caffiene and Ephedrine several times per day while dieting to blunt hunger, suppress appetite, increase energy, and increase the bodies utilization of stored body fat for energy during a dieting phase.

I’ve been using the ECA stack on and off since 2013, it’s 2016 now.

EC Stack super effective, by far the best legal fat burning supplement.  Ephedrine is the concentrated standardised form of the Chinese Stimulant Herb Ma Huang aka The Ephedra Plant.

Placebo-controlled studies have consistently found ephedrine in combination with caffeine to be effective in promoting moderate fat loss. Herbal supplements containing Ephedra aka Ma Huang with or without caffeine have similarly been demonstrated to be effective without significantly increased risk of adverse effects in studies ranging from 8 weeks to 6 months in length. A meta-analysis combining results from all available studies estimated average weight loss of 1 kg/ or 2.2lbs per month more than placebo.

That’s an extra 2.2 pounds of Pure Fat Mass lost per month just by taking the tablets.

How To Do an EC Stack

You only need 2 ingredients

  • 200mg Caffeine Tablets

  • 25mg Ephedrine or Ephedra Extract Tablets

Take 200mg Caffeine + 25mg Ephedrine 3 times per day never closer than spaced 4 hours apart

ec stack

between doses.

I buy The Caffeine Tablets here because it’s cheap as fuck (like $6 for 200 count 200mg Caffeine tablets)

Caffeine Tablets are a lot cheaper online.  You can also buy them at like Walmart or something but expect to pay around $30 for that amount.

The Ephedrine you can get in Bronkaid or Primatene Tablets over the counter at any pharmacy. Ephedrine is a Bronchodilator meaning it opens up the bronchials in the lungs, this

helps people with asthma breath better and athletes to get more oxygen with each breath.  Just walk up to the counter at the pharmacy and ask for Bronkaid, if they don’t have it ask for Primatene.

The ingredients in Bronkaid are just Ephedrine and Guanisifene a Cough Expectorant, which is inconsequential.

Another option is using a ready made EC stack containing ephedra extract.

ec stack

I’ve linked the image, so that if you click it, it will take you to A1supplements website where you can buy it.

ECA Extreme by Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals is good. They use 25mg Ephedra Extract with 200mg caffeine plus they add in 80mg White Willow Bark Extract for the Aspirin in “ECA” ephedrine, caffeine, aspirin.

Have fun dieting, losing fat, and getting shredded with EC stack.  This is one of my staples and a secret trick that I use to get hyped for a workout instead of a preworkout drink, most of the time.  People don’t realise what a powerful stimulant EC stack is.  This shit is way stronger than something like C4 by cellucor.

This stuff is generally side effect free, it’s a stimulant so respect it, just don’t pop a bunch of it and then go run a marathon.


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