Corporate Slavery – How To Live A “Normal” Life

corporate slavery

Corporate Slavery

Corporate Slavery.  How To,  Live A “Normal” Life

People living a normal life follow a script laid out for them to follow, a blueprint for their life you could say. This blue print is encouraged by members of the society under the guise of doing the reasonable, smart, safe, responsible, and expected thing to do.

Here’s the blueprint;

  1. Go to school and graduate college
  2. Get a “job”
  3. Work at said job for the next 45 years and slowly work your way up the companies rankings
  4. Get married and then divorced, have a kid and pay 3/5 of your life as alimony and child support.
  5. Retire at 65 mentally and physically destroyed from the years of sitting at desks, bad posture, and emotional abuse by employer and family as well as gross overworking.
  6. Live for 5 to 10 more years on modest savings you accumulated.
  7. Pass away in your sleep from heart disease caused from years of inactivity.
  8. Become buried at the local cemetery and forgotten.

THAT, my friends… is “The Normal Life”

If you do what is expected of you, if you do what your family, friends, collegues, and government want, you will be blessed with this glorious fate.corporate slaves


Talk about not living life on your own terms.

^this guys, is why I left America

I could not allow myself that fate.

If that sounds fun to you go ahead and do it.

But for those of us who cannot deal with such a reality, we must go into business for ourselves. No more monthly paycheck from “Boss”

We who cannot and will not let a normal life become our reality, will not stop growing our business, multiplying our profits until money is not something that is of concern to us anymore, we have much more than we need and if we want something we buy it.

My friends, we are the people who then gain the ability to live our lives how we want and to do the things we want to do.

A new plan for the normal man

This is our emancipation proclamation.

Now go out there and get to work

– the bodybuilder in thailand

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