Iron Mag Labs 4-ANDRO Review

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Iron Mag Labs 4-ANDRO Review

What’s up guys This is my Iron Mag Labs 4-Andro review. 4-Andro also known as 4-DHEA is a iron mag labs 4-andro reviewprecursor to the anabolic steroid Testosterone.  You know all those bullshit test booster supplements?  This is not one of them.  This is legal steroids.  Why do I say that?  Because when 4-DHEA enters your stomach it is converted to 4-Andostenedione which is then converted to the Anabolic Steroid Testosterone by your digestive enzymes.  It isn’t Testosterone when it enters your body, but about 15 minutes later it is. lol.  That is why it is legal.

Testosterone is the steroid hormone that men produce naturally.  I am on TRT testosterone replacement therapy and have an injection of testosterone weekly.  I can ASSURE YOU the muscle gain, aggression, and fat loss effects of testosterone are REAL.iron mag labs 4-andro review

When you take Iron Mag Labs 4-Andro you are taking something that actually BECOMES testosterone in your body.  You are not raising your natural production.  You are consuming artificial anabolic steroid hormones.  That is why 4-Andro works.  You want to build muscle?  You want to be a Bodybuilder?  You want to look like the Youtube superstars?  Lean, Hard, Dense, Dry, Shredded?  Then, you need steroids.  And while staying within the law, these are some of the strongest steroids available.

If you do an 8 week cycle of this stuff taking 2 capsules per day your testosterone levels are going to be more than double, probably around triple what they normally are.  Your are going to be horny as fuck and notice that you can increase strength and that you build muscle more than was ever possible when you were training naturally.

Iron Mag Labs 4-Andro Review Side Effects

Testosterone can convert to estrogen via an enzyme made in the bodies fat cells iron mag labs 4-andro reviewcalled ‘Aromatase’.  Since upon entering your body 4-Andro becomes Testosterone, you need to be aware of this.  This 4-Andro becomes testosterone once entering your body, some of it has the possibility of being converted to estrogen via aromatase.

Elevated estrogen can cause gyno (bitch tits), as well as water retention.  While it does not cause these effects in everyone, it does cause them in some people.  Click Here To Read More About Preventing Gyno.

You shouldn’t get much estrogen conversion from 4-Andro though, Iron Mag Labs 4-Andro Review show the conversion is pretty mild.

Brutal 4CE will effect your natural testosterone production while taking it.

By ingesting 4-Andro you are literally putting testosterone into your body from an outside iron mag labs 4-andro reviewsource.  Your body senses the incoming testosterone and tries to maintain homeostasis by suppression of natural testosterone production.  When you come off of 4-Andro, your body resumes normal production of natural testosterone.

It’s a good idea to take PCT (post cycle therapy) after you are done with 4-Andro in order to get your natural testosterone firing at full force again as quickly as possible.  This will help you maintain the gains you made on cycle.

Iron Mag Labs 4-Andro is not 17-alpha-alkylated and therefore does not harm the liver.

Iron Mag Labs 4-Andro Review Dosage

You want to start out taking the maximum recommended dosage. Prohormones are mild by nature and you want to take a lot of them so you get as much of the active steroid hormones in your blood as possible.  The more of 4-Andro that you take, the more testosterone and Anabolic Steroids you will have in your blood.

Iron Mag Labs 4-Andro Reviews show a dose dependent response in muscle gains.  Like with all steroids and prohormones, the more you take the more you gain.

Stacking 4-Andro

iron mag labs 4-andro review

If You Are Looking To Stack 1-Andro I’ve Linked This Picture So You Can Just Click on It to Go Check It Out

Stacking 4-Andro with Iron Mag Labs other Prohormone SUPER 1-ANDRO RX will result in more gains.  I want to remind you guys that the more of this stuff that you take the more you will gain.  When inside your body these are steroids and the more steroids you take the more fucking jacked you will get lol this is the cold hard truth.

Luckily, 1-Andro is not aromatising which means it cannot convert to estrogen.  The only side effects you might get from it is a few pimples.  So adding 2 capsules per day of 1-Andro to your 4-Andro cycle will make it a lot stronger without really increasing side effects.  1-Andro is dope because it is a strength increasing and hardening prohormone.  It promotes water under the skin to be pissed out and/or taken up inside the muscles resulting in painful muscle pumps and a dry shredded appearance to your physique.


If you are looking to “get big, get jacked, get swole!” the only way is hormones guys.  I’m telling iron mag labs 4-andro reviewyou this because I struggled with the natural bodybuilding bullshit for years until I found out the truth.  You can look over all the articles on this site and you’ll see bodybuilding for what it really is.  You NEED to take hormones if you want to be big and jacked.  PERIOD.

If you are looking to do this legally or just to get your feet wet in steroid hormones Iron Mag Labs Super 4-Andro RX will get you on the way there.

-The Bodybuilder in Thailand

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