Jason Blaha JuggernautFitnessTV

Jason Blaha JuggernautFitnessTV and his IceCreamFitness Novice 5×5 Workout Program

This guy Jason Blaha is, has, and always will be one of the most controversial characters on

jason blaha

Jason “Gives His GF Dick Twice Per Day” Blaha


It all began when he started his IceCreamFitness channel on youtube, and proceeded to make lots of videos about anabolic steroids and other performance enhancing substances.

During, that time Jason Blaha also was producing useful bodybuilding content.  He contributed non bullshit advice concerning diet and training.  Among honest youtubers, Blaha became a go to source for advice and practical application of drugs, nutrition, and weight training.

jason Blaha

Jason Blaha “Enhanced Bodybuilder”

Blaha distributed his version of Bill Star’s 5×5 Workout for Progressive Overload across the internet for free.  This was a major contribution to novice lifters everywhere as it is one of the few scientifically and anecdotally sound weight training programs available, and if you adhere to it, you WILL make gains.

Jason Blaha’s Ice Cream Fitness Novice 5×5 Program

The problem was, he’s a fat ass. Literally, the man is actually obese and seems to lack more than a mere marginal amount of muscle mass.

jason blaha

Serge Nubret

Jason Blaha

Jason Blaha and his Girlfriend

This too is okay, because Vince Lombardi was the greatest Coach in Sports history, yet physically he was a little runt lol.

But, where Blaha fucks even this up, is by broadcasting his illusions of being a supremely

muscular human being, with statements like “I, Jason Blaha, have more muscle mass than Serge Nubret.” He actually said that, and he was dead serious.

The thing most don’t realise is that Blahino has Autism or at least high grade Asberger’s just like his Autistic counterpart Jason Genova, The Sith Lord.

The Dude is unfortunately completely out of touch with reality and has trouble communicating with other human beings.  This was really exposed by the Fitmisc Thread and Slander Campaign against Blaha Titled


Jason Blaha

Jason Blaha’s Self Image

This thread takes the most in depth analysis of Jason Blaha yet, and has all kinds of weird and interesting Blahino insights, stories, pictures and delusions.  I especially love the picture they created of Jason Blaha’s Self Image.

I think This delusion isn’t all that uncommon though, In my short time on earth i’ve encountered plenty of fat bastards who thought they were muscular gorilla’s, behaving as animals and beasts in the gym, screaming as they worked out, and although social crippled with social anxiety, secretly thought themselves to be formidable foes to their popular Jock type infidel foes.

Let’s Get Back To Blahino’s Infamous Youtube Career.

Other than creating a reputation for himself as an expert on anabolic steroids and performance enhancing substances on youtube Jason Blaha also became infamous for attacking the reputations of other youtube fitness celebrities who were using steroids but preaching a Natural Bodybuilding lifestyle while denouncing the use of anabolic androgenic substances.

Blaha’s take on the cancer survivor who discovered a love for his muscle wasting prescriptions:

Blaha’s Expose’ on Simeon Panda The “Natural Arnold Schwarzenegger”

and a nice little video Blaha did on our friend and clean cut american boy Rob “Roids” Riches

Anyone can see that Jason Blaha definitely is not shy when it comes to stirring the pot.  The guy is just not afraid to create controversy or step on anyone’s toes, I salute him for that because

jason blaha

Layne Vs. Jason,  Battle Royale?

not many are as committed and dissuaded by opposition.

As everyone knows there was a massive controversy between Jason Blaha and Dr. PHD Layne “Tren” Norton.  Layne sued Blaha for accusing him of being on steroids via Youtube.  When Blaha did not show up to court Layne automatically was awarded the victory in court and fines were levied on Blaha.  Somehow the Fat Ass was able to wriggle his way out of them, and according to him “Never paid Norton a Dime!!!”

Recently Jason Blaha has really just started to run out of things to say and his content quality has gone way way down.

Jason Blaha

Jason Blaha Spartan Warrior

I used to be an avid supporter but it seems his shortcomings are really starting to get the best of him and he is making videos to Bios3 Jerry Ward and Mike O’Hearn as well as other youtubers threatening to shoot and kill them if they “Come near him or his loved ones” This kind of paranoia is actually alarming and begs the question “Should this man be allowed to own guns?” He literally has a stockpile of artillery at his home and makes videos saying he is not afraid to use them on people who “Slap his Gf’s Ass.”  I’m sorry Faggot but you do not get to shoot and kill someone because they slapped your girlfriend’s ass.  Fucking Sociopath.

Because of this recent behavior I have unsubscribed and quit watching his videos, I suggest you do so as well.


6 thoughts on “Jason Blaha JuggernautFitnessTV

  1. Glenn Santos

    He is even getting blasted at Sherdog forum, an mms site. He is a victim of his own design, now he is the target and his subcribers are unsubbing by the droves, poetic justice,well deserve for this hypocrite!

  2. John Sanders

    He also claims to have been some sort of mercenary or hitman and that he killed a bunch of people, all classified of course. Recently there was another video on youtube exposing that he had like 6000 posts on some forum about aliens or something claiming that he was some sort of reptile man from space.

  3. In4TheMents

    brah were you in crazy house last night? saw a guy who looks just like you

    and yeah fuck blaha lol (fellow fitmiscer here and blahautist)

      1. In4TheMents

        Haha cool. Yeah been living here 6 years, I’m 29, fellow blogger over at http://nomadphilippines.com/ And I’m ‘In4TheMents’ in the Blaha thread on Fitmisc. Did a few videos on ‘Jason Blaha Ments’ channel.

        My other mate here posts a lot on BB misc and blogs at http://afarangabroad.com/ I think he said he was going to meet up for beers with you at some point but didn’t get round to it yet. We should all hit Soi Cowboy some time, he’s back Aug 31st I guess he’ll see this post in his Google analytics lol.


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