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Jeff Seid has got to be one of the most entertaining characters in the fitness industry.

jeff seid

Jeff Seid

Dude truly lives a wild and envious lifestyle, gets laid with tons of hot chicks, has the best pfizer human growth hormone, parties his face off, competes in the Mr. Olympia and has an absolute killer physique, is a superior athlete, and travels all over the world.

While controversial, he really has taken what Zyzz started and brought it to the next level.  Jeff’s physique is absolutely pissening and truthfully shits on Zeez’s. lol

Jeff Seid portrays the whole “Total Douchebag fist pumping to EDM, raving, having a perfect body for slaying pussy, and trolling everywhere he goes all while responding wittily to criticism.” Stereotype Perfectly.

Is Jeff Natural like he claims? Absolutely not, but thank god he’s stopped talking about whether he’s natural or not unlike Ogus, Jones, Kinobody and the rest of the swoldiers.

The first time I found out who Jeff was, was right after Zyzz died and Jeff released “How Ya Doin?” on youtube.  The Video is absolutely hilarious and was his platform to be boost into youtube stardom.

So sick to look like that and already have that kind of a lifestyle at 18 years old.  Lucky dude.

His parents definitely also credit as they had the good sense to recognise his potential at such a young age and to hook him up with Human Grade Anabolic Steroids and Human Growth

jeff seid

Jeff Seid and Chestbrah in Australia


Recently, Jeff has been spotted hanging around with Chestbrah and Calum Von Moger in Australia.

From his videos and vlogs it looks like his life pretty much is working out, partying, and doing some marketing with his physique.

One of my favorite vids Jeff Seid released was his outrageous weekend at Paradiso Festival

For the love of god, did you see the amount of tits and ass not to mention pussy he was getting?  LOL admirable.

Another funny Jeff Seid moment was in one of his contest prep videos for his physique shows.

jeff seid

Jeff Seid’s Cookies

He decided to make a video showing how to bake protein chocolate chip cookies and the “Jeff Seid Special Cookies” Meme was born.

To which Scooby from youtube made a hilarious response video mocking Jeff.

Scooby wears a mop wig and a robe similar to Jeff’s and proceeds to make a parody video of epic Ments.  Seriously I can’t stop laughing at how rustled scooby got by seeing Jeff looking how he perceived to be “A Complete Jersey Shore Moron”

Jeff Seid is mocked pretty often but you gotta hand it to him, he handles criticism well, and always rolls with the punches.

Anyways, Jeff will likely be around for a long time on magazine covers, and youtube etc. unless he ends up coming here to Thailand and going into a sauna like Zyzz did.

If you goal is to look like Jeff, then you at least need to get on some Ostarine




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