Kai Greene Grapefruit

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Kai Greene Grapefruit

kai greene

Phil Heath “Researching” His Competition

ah, the most infamous episode in bodybuilding gay for pay history.

Yes, Kai Greene came from poverty and in order to jump start his bodybuilding career and obtain the “Supplements” he needed gay for pay was what worked for him.  The disturbing thing is it seemed as though he enjoyed it.  There is a video of him dancing at a Go Go Club jumping off stage to get his dick sucked by some gay guy and enjoying it like crazy, Kai had the biggest smile on his face hahaha.

kai greene

Kai Greene Grapefruit Video

Basically what the story is with the grapefruit is Kai did some videos with the Gay Porn Company “MuscleHunks” including a video where he fucked a grapefruit.

This video went viral after Kai become a serious threat to the Mr. Olympia Title and a running joke with members of the bodybuilding.com forums MISC section.

Honestly it’s pretty fucking hilarious.

Unfortunately it has resulted in serious consequences and discrimination against Kai in his pursuit of bodybuilding’s greatest title.

Kai on the left Shitting on Phil, yet according to the corrupt judges...Losing

Kai on the left Shitting on Phil, yet according to the corrupt judges…Losing

Kai Greene is Unquestionably the best bodybuilder in the world and has beaten Phil Heath in the Mr. Olympia every year since 2012.  Unfortunately, Phil “Bitch” Heath has been shilled to the winner’s podium every year despite a revolting bubble gut palumboism physique.

The Undeniable Truth is that Kai Greene Completely Out Muscles Phil Heath.

kai greene

Phil Being Completely Outclassed and OutMuscled from the Front

It’s been obvious for some time that Kai’s grapefruit past is haunting him and causing the IFBB political forces that be to limit his success, keeping the Mr. Olympia Title from his reach.

Fortunately this 2016 Contest Season he has brought an Absurdly Big and Hard Muscled physique to the Arnold Classic and Swept the Show.  A Big Conrats to Kai Greene on His Arnold Classic Victories in 2016.

kai greene

Mother of God!

But Goddamn, if Kai’s physique isn’t admirable and absolutely out of this fucking world.  The hardness, density, separation, and sheer hanging muscle mass is completely outrageous.

His physique is so good, that the only bodybuilders that have ever made me say “Wow” like Kai are 3 champions, Ronnie Coleman, Dorian Yates, and Jay Cutler.

Here’s To Kai Greene The Greatest Uncrowned Mr. Olympia

kai greene






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