Kevin Levrone Comeback

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 Kevin Levrone Comeback 2016 Mr. Olympia

Speaking of Kevin Levrone Comeback, Since it’s Olympia Weekend 2016 right now I just kevin levrone comebackwatched the press conference this morning where Levrone and Cedric McMillan took off their shirts and had a little pose down.  Jesus Christ Levrone smoked Cedric in the front shots.  I was not expecting that.  I just didn’t think that he looked big enough with his clothes on but once he hit those most musculars I was just like “Fuck! Damn!” Levrone was smoking Cedric in those shots.

What happened when they turned around and did back poses didn’t look good for Kevin though.  Levrone didn’t have his tan on but still Cedric’s back double biceps and rear lat spread looked like they were dwarfing Levrone.  I know the rear has never been Kevin’s strong point whatsoever but I can just imagine what’s going to happen if he gets a chance to pose nextkevin levrone comeback to fill heath and they hit rear double biceps and lat spread it’s going to be lights out for Kevin 🙁 lol

However, I could not fucking believe that Kevin after 8 months of training was able to beat CEDRIC MCMILLAN who SERIOUSLY pushed Kai Greene for the Arnold Classic 2016 this year for 1st place.  Kevin looked fucking SICK in those front shots and had all the muscle he needed to beat Cedric in those poses.  Fucking amazing! What the fuck! I just don’t understand how someone can gain all that so quickly.  Fuck, it blew my mind.

Anyway, Hoping for a miracle and Kevin Levrone taking a shit ton of trenbolone and insulin tonight and showing up to prejudging tomorrow as big as that fucking silverback gorilla he wears on his tank tops.

kevin Levrone Comeback

Hopefully Kevin Comes in Looking Sick and Blows away Phix Heath

I really hate Phil Heath and I want him to lose.  I hate how he is a fat cheater who looked like shit every year after his first 2011 Mr. Olympia win. Robbing Kai Greene and looking like a fat bloated turtle with a fucked up neck and ever growing early onset Palumboism.

I actually heard a rumor that Phil Heath jacks off to Kai Greene Grapefruit Porn.

I want Kevin Levrone to win Mr. Olympia 2016, fuck you Phix Heath, uh sorry I mean Phil.

The contest is “Phixed”

Kevin Levrone Comeback

During Kevin Levrone Comeback and 2016 Mr. Olympia Prep i’ve seen him wearing some dope stringers kevin levrone stringer(Bodybuilding Tank Tops) i’ve wanted to get my hands on.

You guys have seen the one’s with the big ass silver back gorilla on them right?

The company who is sponsoring him are called Gorilla Wear USA.  It’s nice seeing a cool design that is a change up from the classic Gold’s Gym Stringer.  Don’t get me wrong I have plenty of Gold’s Gym Stringers and I love them but these Gorilla Wear Stringers are cool too and they’re not some overly fashionable homosexual design like most of that gymshark shit that comes out now days.  Just simple with a masculine Silverback Gorilla.  I like it.  kevin levrone stringer

I know i’m not the only one who has noticed these because he’s obviously being sponsored pretty heftily by the company since every single picture or video we’ve seen of him he’s got some sort of gorilla wear apparel on lol.

It’s cool though, i’m just glad it’s not Gymshark.  I was actually going to buy one of these Gorilla Wear shirts before he started wearing them, and once he started wearing them all the time it reminded me that they are really cool and that I needed one haha.

You Can Check Out The Gorilla Wear Stringers and Hoodies Here

This is The Kevin Levrone vs. Cedric McMillan Posedown at the Mr. Olympia 2016 Press Conference:

– the bodybuilder in thailand

Kevin Levrone Comeback



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  1. juliuzz

    Good article mayne, you’re right Kevin looked very good from the front but his legs are just extremely undersized
    his 2002 physique is in my opinion the greatest physique to ever walk a Olympia stage and it’s just awesome to have seen him posing again this weekend even tough he doesn’t have a change against the other guys


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