Lex Fitness Natty or Steroids

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Lex Fitness Natural or Steroids?

lex fitness

Spot the biggest ‘Tren’ Junkie!

Lex Fitness , another of the “Gym Shark” crew.  Let’s review who the “gym shark crew” is.  Jeff Seid, Matt “Bogus” Ogus, David Laid , the Harrison Twins, Alon Gabbay… These guys are the known fake natty crew.

I swear somewhere in gymshark’s contract it probably says something about ‘must inject a CC of Tren Ace per day’

I would say Lex Griffin aka “Lex Fitness” is the epitome of this “Tren and Gymshark” mantra.  lex fitness

In the above picture where he’s pictured with the gym shark crew, look at the way Lex Fitness looks next to Marc Fitt, who is the other shirtless guy.  Marc Fitt is an example of a guy with superior natural aesthetics genetics.  There is nothing about that guy that looks juiced whatsoever.  But check out Mr. Ethics aka Lex Fitness next to him.  That face would never tell a lie would it!?

The difference between natural and enhanced is not muscle size or bodyfat percentage.  You naturals who are reading this like to say things like “BodybuilderinThailand you’re wrong! he’s not even that big! you can get that big naturally with hard work and dedication!”

That’s not the point blockheads.

So listen up, it’s time for school, class is in session.

The Steroid “Look”

Steroids and HGH give a certain look to the skin and muscles that you do not get naturally.

lex fitness

Those Cannonball Delts Sure Do Look Natural… Just like something anybody with hardwork and dedication can achieve .. right? … right?!

Before I became an “Enhanced Athlete” I was the same as you guys, completely in the dark about what a natural looks like vs a steroid user.  BUT, then I started getting juiced up and watching the actual changes happening to my own body.  I never bulked, I stayed the same weight and just took the gear, and the look of your muscles completely changes.  Even my own mom commented on it lol.

Steroids are what give that “Wow What The Fuck!” look to a guys physique.  That look that is “Unreal” that make you ‘mirin. LOL.  Your muscles get really full and hard.  The start to look like boulders, rocks, concrete, and they are pressing against the skin, with veins and shit looking like they want to burst.  The muscles get really round and have ‘Pop’ they look 3d.  It’s hard to understand if you haven’t used gear but i’m trying to explain to you “The Look”.

“The Look” is what Lex Fitness has.  Look for the POP the WOW factor when you compare him

lex fitness

The face of a man that would never lie for financial gain

next to Marc Fitt on the first picture on this page.  Lex’s physique has this look that is like “Jesus Christ that looks incredible”.

Whenever you guys see this look know that it is steroids.

Kinobody is another good example.  He cycles, so sometimes he’s off gear and looks completely natural and then other times he’s on cycle and juiced up and all of a sudden he has this look that Lex Fitness always has.  Squared off blocky muscles that look hard as fuck! and they are “Comin’ ‘Atcha! 3d”

This is the test you do to determine natty or not. Look at the physique and ask yourself “Does this guy just look Really Really Good? Or does he make me say “How can someone possibly look that incredible!!??”

lex fitness

100% natural guys. Hard Work.

If it’s the latter, then they’re juicing, end of story, that’s all you need to know.  If you don’t believe me, maybe you’ll learn one day when you gain some more experience, maybe you won’t, whatever I don’t care, it doesn’t make a difference to me whether you want to believe a lie or not.

 One question though… Is the reason you want to believe fake naturals don’t use steroids because you’re too much of a pussy yourself to inject?

Lex Fitness Natural or Enhanced!?


-the bodybuilderinthailand

2 thoughts on “Lex Fitness Natty or Steroids

  1. Rick

    Thank you, Dan, for putting this shit out there as it should be. I used to watch this guy’s channel about a year ago when I was rather skeptical about gear use, but still not fully clued into it like you are. This guy then spewed some verbal diarrhea bullshit about not calling people faggot in a video that reeked of political correctness and progressive, libtard cancer! I then unsubscribed to it. Not because of any other reason than that he was preaching more of the typical leftist mantra that is preached by the establishment, lamestream bunch of fucktards who think they can tell everybody what to do, how to think, what to wear, what music to listen to and what to watch on TV. Fuck those people! They’re nothing but a bunch of lying mother fuckers with an agenda to keep themselves above everybody else. Thank you for calling shit like it is, Dan. Keep it going!

  2. Dave

    I wouldn’t say “people want to believe X is natural because they are too pussy to inject.” I think they want to believe that you don’t have to turn to the dark side to get “that look.” If steroids legal and there were no stigma, this would be less of an issue.


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