Living in the Present “There is no where else I’d rather be right now”

powdered green teaLiving in the Present “There is no where else I’d rather be right now”

Ask yourself this question “Is there something you would rather be doing?”

…and if there is?

Then Go Do It.

Do what you want. Why do you make things so difficult for yourself?

Your decisions are easy, everywhere you go you complain about being depressed not taking joy in anything you do.

Listen to me, there is an easy way out, and it doesn’t involve suicide.

It’s so obvious but so few can see.

Buried by the Structural Powers who hold the ceilings of our society alift.

There is one way to be happy


Freedom of your mind

You always know what you want.

And if in doubt stand back look at the view in front of your eyes, listen to the sounds you hear surrounding you and feel energy of your environment.

If you’d rather be someplace else?


Internalizing this concept will release your tension like a happy ending Thai massage.

Our emotions, when stimulated to enter our consciousness cause the release of norepinephrine into your blood stream exciting your lizard brain to signal for increased muscle tone, release of adrenaline into the blood stream to increase power output, and a dilation of your pupils.

Readying your body so inappropriately for the situation that it can only be explained by the clumsy expectation that natural selection kept on optimizing the human mind even after adapting sufficiently to ensure a favorable chance for the physical body’s survival.

In order to live with satisfaction, relaxation, and happiness you need to do what you want.

Don’t like your job? Either walk out and quit right now or think about what you will do to enable yourself to do that as soon as possible, while realizing that you want food and a house more than you want to quit your job before you have another source of income.

The. You can ask yourself “is there any place in the world I’d rather be right now?” And the answer will be “No, I’d rather be here at work making money than doing anything else.”

Do this, and your tension will be released.

living in the present

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