Looks Matter but Looks Alone Will Not Get You Laid

Do Looks Matter? How Much Do Looks Matter?  Looks Alone Will Not Get You Laid

Yo, What’s up guys

This is the bodybuilder in Thailand here writing to you from the bamboo forests of rural thailand.

I’m writing this post as a continuation of posts I’ve been writing about what makes women want to have sex with a man.

looks matter

Donald Trump with his Sexy Playboy Playmate Wife
(Unlike Men, Women Search For More Than Just High Quality Genes in a Mate)

This factor applies to everyone but is particularly relevant to the inflated value applied to appearance by bodybuilders

Your looks alone will not be enough to get you laid.

I don’t care how good you look and neither do women.  Do Looks Matter? Yes, Looks Matter.  Looks are certainly a factor in getting pussy, In fact they are a large factor, but unlike men in what makes them want to have sex with a woman, looks are not going to take you all the way to her sugar walls.

This can be explained with standard economics.  Biologically, a man invests nothing but pleasure in making a baby.  While, a woman in allowing a man to impregnate her is making an ENORMOUS commitment to the man and his genes.  Who will feed and protect her and her kids?  We he abandon them? How good are his genetics? Will she be able to find another male to take care of this man’s biological offspring?  Will she be safe having children that this man may feel an attachment to? Is this man mentally stable? Is he aggressive? Will he pass down undesirable mental traits to her children that will decrease their chances of survival and reproduction?  Women are subconsciously screening men for these things before they open up their legs to you.

looks matter

Elijah Wood, An absolute queer women have expressed a desire to be ravished by

An interesting observation, is in noticing what celebrities men and women find attractive.

Many women will find men attractive simply because they are famous, ugly sports stars, like that

queer Elijah Wood from lord of the rings, among other celebrities women will just fawn and wet their panties over.

On the flip side, we don’t not see men attracted to ugly women ever. No matter how famous, or how much money the woman has.  Oprah? Ellen? Rosy Mcdonald? Whoopi Goldbeg?


looks matter


You are going to need to be a leader of the pack to get women wanting sex from you.

You’re going to have to develop masculine personality traits.

Dominant traits

Traits that put you into a more powerful class of humans.

Hammer this into your head,

Women are not like men, being good looking is not enough for women to pursue sleeping with you.

Hopefully you guys dwell on this information and use it to help you get laid.

More to come,

-the bodybuilder in thailand

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