Low Testosterone Side Effects

Low Testosterone Side Effects

Testosterone is so important in the male body.  It isn’t just responsible for causing you to create low testosterone side effectssperm, get a boner, have more muscle than a female.  It is also responsible for a shit ton of other bodily functions.

Low Testosterone Side Effects include depression and anxiety, fatigue and oversleeping, foggy head, enlarged prostate, inability to feel sensation in the penis during sex, osteoporosis, sterility, and increased all cause mortality.

A little known fact is that male fetuses are much more likely to miscarry during pregnancy than females fetuses.  This is a defense mechanism in the female body that evolved over time to prevent inferior genetics from getting into the gene pool and being spread all over the place.  The male body is extremely dependent on it’s hormones as they are what differentiates the male fetus from the developing female.  This extreme importance of having optimal male hormone levels persists through life.

low testosterone side effects

When I had low testosterone side effects were intense.  I had a brain fog and a mild depression, I also felt a lot more emotional and less able to “not care about the outcome” of situations.  I just noticed that “Wow, I seem to be really emotionally invested in all these events happening in my life.”  I didn’t feel the normal steady emotional confidence I normally feel.

I also noticed it was nearly impossible for me to lose fat or gain muscle, or even have any motivation to exert myself in the gym.  (Or get there for that matter)

My interest in sex was less, and I didn’t have as hard of a boner, it was more of a hard but not raging hard type.  My penis was more likely become soft after 30-45 minutes of sex, whereas if i’m sober I can usually maintain an erection hard as hell for an hour or so.

I decided to get my testosterone levels checked.

I don’t have health insurance but it wasn’t a problem because

I used PersonaLabs when I first got my testosterone levels checked, it was easy because I just paid online, showed up to the lab, went home, and viewed my results online.

Follow This Link To Get Your Testosterone Levels Checked

PersonaLabs is a Blood Work Lab with locations all over the USA who do private blood work.

You buy the “Free and Total Testosterone Test” show up to a labcorp location (There are literally at least 50 of these blood work labs in every medium sized city in the USA) Labcorp takes a vial of your blood, and a few days later send you your testosterone results online.

low testosterone side effects

Total Testosterone Serum Level at 1472 ng/dl

The normal reference range for total testosterone serum is 400 ng/dl – 1200 ng/dl . As you can see this is a pretty huge reference range with the top number of normal being 3x the low number.  If your test results come back less than 600 ng/dl you’re probably getting some low testosterone side effects and should at least consider learning about Testosterone Replacement Therapy, so that low testosterone side effects don’t screw up your life.  No reason to let something so important slide.  Don’t procrastinate.

By the way, you cannot get your testosterone levels checked at home by buying some kind of testosterone test kit where you use urine, those are bullshit.  It must be checked by blood levels!

After getting on TRT, with my testosterone levels in the high range I immediately felt better.  The mental fog was lifted and so was the anxiety and depression.  Literally 2 days after receiving my

low testosterone side effects

Mel Gibson uses Testosterone Replacement Therapy and looks awesome as a middle aged guy or a young gun, dude’s ripped!

shot from my doctor I was at work and I was presented with a stressful situation I noticed myself considering the importance of the situation but having no emotional reaction.  I just made a cool calm decision based on logic and was done with it.

“Wow” I thought afterwards, That felt so much better than sitting around worrying and feeling all emotional like a little bitch.

If you are wondering about your testosterone levels if they are high or if they are low or if they

are normal, my advice is to just take care of it and get your testosterone levels checked.  The whole thing took less than an hour and was under a hundred bucks with no insurance.

If you know whether you are high or if you are low at least you will know whether or not low testosterone is something you need to worry about.

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