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Luimarco Bodybuilding 



What’s up dude,

Luimarco is a guy from Montreal Canada who loves IFBB Pro Bodybuilding.

He has some hilarious little catch phrases like “Beep, the L.U.I. here” and “Bubble bubble trouble butt” as well as “On a daily basis baby please.”

I’m subbed to this guy on Youtube because he’s got great commentary on pro bodybuiding, the best actually, much better than any of the bullshit that or muscle and fitness or whatever releases.

He is vehemently natural and anti-steroid yet his passion is IFBB pro bodybuilding which is a funny contradiction.


Rich Piana Slap Boxing Jason Genova

Many, Pro Bodybuilders and famous faces in the fitness industry feel similarly to me in their opinion of Luimarco.  Rich Piana called the L.U.I. first thing after slapping Jason Genova to try and do internet damage control.  Lui posted their phone conversation on Youtube and was the first to get any kind of official “press release” about the “Slapgate” incident to the public.

Lui also publically chats and has arguments with industry names such as Phil Heath, Kai Greene, and Roelly Winklar.

Luimarco has got a great eye for bodybuilding.  He judges bodybuilding competitions from a point of view emphasising neutrality.  This is refreshing as almost every opinion on pro


Luimarco’s Favorite Synthol Guy Arlllllllindo!

bodybuilding is influenced and ass raped by supplements companies and their garbage.

Lui also posts a lot of videos about photoshoppers and synthol users.  Ridiculing them and creating songs about their gains not being loyal but instead being oil! lmao

If you’re subbed to him on youtube you’ll get all the information you need on pro bodybuilding without all the bullshit pageantry that goes along with the money making machine that is the fitness supplement industry.

Overall, a funny guy with lots of good connections and insights into the bodybuilding industry.


-the bodybuilder in thailand

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