Primobolan Anavar Test Cycle Magnum Pharmaceuticals Review

Primobolan Anavar & Testosterone Cycle Magnum Pharmaceuticals Review

Sometime in the recent past i decided to try the anabolic hormone methenolone brand namemagnum pharmaceuticals review Primobolan.  Primobolan has a reputation as a weak but ideal anabolic steroid for building and maintaining lean tissue without negative side effects.  Unlike most steroid hormones Primobolan does not convert to estrogen, progesterone, DHT, or any of the hormones that cause negative side effects in bodybuilders.  Because of this large dosages of Primobolan can be run without needing to use anti-estrogens or dopamine agonists like cabergoline.  Primobolan and Anavar are generally agreed to be the most side effect friendly anabolic hormones.  What follows in this article is my magnum pharmaceuticals review, including their primo, anavar, and test-r blend.

Primobolan along with another hormone “Halotestin” are also generally the most expensive anabolic hormones made by pharmaceutical labs to produce, and therefore also carry the highest cost to the end user.  I used Magnum Pharmaceuticals a lab based in Hong Kong for this cycle as I had been hearing from gym acquaintances for some time that this brand had reliable product and I wanted to try it out.

Primobolan Cycle

Since Primobolan is a weak steroid, in order to be effective a large milligram amount of the hormone must be used weekly.  I chose to use 1000mg primo injectable in oil per week. For the first two weeks i paired that with Anavar at 50mg per day and the Magnum Pharmaceuticals review “Test-R” fast acting testosterone blend which i took 350mg per weeks worth.magnum pharmaceuticals review

The first two weeks were great as the cycle started to ramp up right away i started noticing a look to my physique not identical to but also not toooo far off from the way trenbolone makes me look.  I was getting very “full” pumps too when lifting weights.  When my body is very nitrogen retentive and anabolic I always feel these very full feeling pumps in the gym.  For example if you are training chest, as you lift weights the fullness and weight of the pecs will begin to feel as though you have a Kevlar vest strapped to the front of your body.

Primobolan is a hormone attached to an enanthate ester so it stays strongly active in the body for 7 days after injection.  During this cycle I used 3CC of Primo every other day.  Alot of people don’t realize this but the effects of anabolic hormones of the enanthate ester can be felt within a few days as it peaks in the blood after roughly 24-48 hours.  It is a misconception that you have to wait weeks for longer acting steroids to feel them.  However all steroids take some time (weeks) to build up all of their peripheral effects outside of the androgen receptor.  Usually at about the 3-4 week mark of administration those peripheral effects will peak and be maintained for the cycle duration.

magnum pharmaceuticals review

200mg/ml fasting acting testosterone blend (prop, phenyl prop, acetate)

After 2 weeks i started to get headaches as a result of the Anavar being too strong.  Orals have never agreed well with my body, however they are very powerful and I was enjoying the strength and vitality the anavar was giving me in the gym.  I decided to decrease the dosage to 20mg per day and the headaches went away.  I had been concerned that my performance would drop in the gym as a result of this change.  I initially noticed a bit of a strength dip in my workouts, but after a few days my performance stabilized and from there I kept gaining strength etc. as if I had not changed the dosage of Anavar.  My Magnum Pharmaceuticals review of anavar is that it’s very strong so probably start low and ramp up.  The headaches I was getting at 50mg were bad enough to make me feel like i needed to be alone and shut my eyes to relax and relieve the pressure behind my eyes.

Let me talk a bit about primobolan since this was my first experience with it.  I’m almost convinced it’s the best steroid.  My friend called trenbolone “poor man’s primo” and while joking, it still did have a bit of resounding truth to my ear of the reality of this blasphemous statement.  People are obsessed with how good Tren is at helping create bodybuilders and i’m not going to argue with that.  Of course, it is the best agent on planet earth for achieving your goal of looking like a bodybuilder (if you could only pick one agent).  BUT Tren has shit side effects, gives you anxiety, fucks up your sleep, and can wipe out or seriously discourage your sex life.  Fuck that stuff.  Primobolan was incredible because while not quite as distinctive as trenbolone I still did get a similar looking cosmetic effect from the primo.  As well as the cosmetic effect on the physique my body just felt anabolic as hell, my strength was good, i didn’t feel tired or exhausted because of orals, I slowly grew solid real muscle tissue, and all of this without none of that negative tren shit.  I Feel Great.

So yes while Primobolan is expensive and must be run at a high dose to “be strong” and give you a “rocket pack power boost to your gains!”.  But the reality that I found was that primobolan at 1000mg per week did give me the same extreme anabolic metabolic state, pumps, gym performance and strength as lower dosages of the super powerful compounds (Tren, Dbol, Adrol, etc.) that give me loads of intolerable side effects.  Figuring this out completed one of my original missions for this cycle which was experimenting with Primobolan and finding out what it actually does.  Dosed high enough it is highly anabolic and in my case side effect free.  I consider it the ideal steroid.

Finally, I want to briefly mention a few things about the Test-R fast acting “sustanon” stuff since this is pretty interesting and a cool idea.  The theory with it is the test acetate hits more or less immediately followed by the test prop followed by the test phenyl prop.  This could just be in my head (placebo) but I actually felt a bit mood swingish on injection days.  Could this be because of the different esters spiking every few hours after injections?  I have no idea.  Needless to say the Test-R is a potent oil and kind of cool to try.

Magnum Pharmaceuticals Review

Some of the things I generally look for to judge a lab using my eyes is attention to details. Things like online authentification with scratch codes on the packagaing of the products, Having their product made in ampoules instead of 10ml vials which is more expensive but leads to greater sterility and is characteristic of human grade product.  Magnum Pharmaceuticals had these things, their stuff is made in ampoules and I was able to scratch off the little code thing like i won the lottery or something and then go to their website which was easily found on google, enter the code in at the website, and see that I had genuine product from them.

I usually pin my quads these days as my glutes have some scar tissue I am getting rid of.  I didn’t get much if any pip from the 3cc Primo injections.  Maybe just a bit of pressure for a few hours after injection.

The quality of the glass of the ampoules was a bit lacking, the glass was thin and I shattered about three of the Test-R amps in my hands which sucked because tiny shards of glass and oil goes everywhere. Actually the quality of all the ampoules is a serious issue.  they explode in  my hands like 1 out of 8 amps or so.  Even when I score the amp with a kitchen knife a bit first and I usually am an expert at opening amps.  Great, trying to open an amp and then BOOM! primobolan and glass all over the face. The glass is about the thickness of saran wrap.  Some gym guys I know have used this brand too and they’ve all complained about this same issue without me mentioning it to them first.  They brought it up on their own when chatting.

I’m just happy that I was able to find real Primobolan, there is so much talk out there of it being faked.  I got to see what this hormone can really do and suprisingly to me it lived up to the hype. Built strength and slowly built real muscle tissue (not water) and experiencing no negative side effects.  Primo is the real deal.  In conclusion of my magnum pharmaceuticals review I say this gear is legit no doubt, awesome cycle.


magnum pharmaceuticals review

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