Make Money Online – Ebay Tutorial

Make Money Online – Popped My Cherry Flipping Guitar Equipment on Ebay

What’s up to all my badass readers, first off I have to say to all… I Salute You!

Now Press Play on This Badass ACDC song so that I can fully inspire you while I tell you about my first experience making money in the online world.  I’m going to teach you how to make money online flipping items on Ebay.

Guys, You can become self employed and make money online right now by just picking a niche that you are interested in a then buying low and selling high on ebay.

#1 important factor = you have to like and have knowledge on the things you sell.

Okay, so get on ebay, make a seller account, and you can make a listing for a free auction.  Easy.

story time:

When I was 19 I started an ebay account and made my first sale.  Eventually selling thousands of dollars of guitar equipment on that account.

make money online

a bodybuilder in thailand original from back in the day lol

I was initially interested in ebay because my brother in law was a total addict of ebay browsing and it pissed me off that he would always hog the family computer.

He always had great things to say about ebay.  I knew he did buying and selling but it was mainly the buying that intrigued me, as he would always rave about these unbelievable deals he was getting on auctions on ebay.  In fact, I think half of me thought he was lying and the other half of me was just jealous lol.

So I decided to open an account on ebay because at the time my life was pretty much eat, sleep, electric guitar, repeat.

I wanted new guitars and amplifiers and I wanted them at these fantasy prices my brother in law was talking about.

So I got on ebay and within a few weeks had a few new guitars that were barely used in excellent condition and I had purchased them for a 35%-50% better price than what I would have paid new at Guitar Center (these guitars were essentially new, they had been played a few times until the owner decided he didn’t want them and changed his mind).

Well, the same thing happened with me.

As I stock piled more guitars and amplifiers with my gluttonous spending to satisfy my guitar

make money online

Christ, She was a stunner

fever, I realised I didn’t like some some of the instruments I had bought and decided to throw them back up for auction on ebay.

The funny thing was that I sold them all for a profit.  Sold them for more than I had paid for them.

This struck a nerve in my mind as i’m always on the lookout for ways to make cash on my own terms and not from some fucking boss.

The original ebay listings I had purchased from were a bit shit, but since I already had a trained eye, I could tell the guitars just needed to be wiped off and taken outside for some natural lighting to take more flattering pictures.

So because of my specialised knowledge ability to spot guitar quality I had obtained these beautiful instruments at bargain prices and was able to take better pictures, answer customer questions more thoroughly, and give better descriptions of my items for sale.

The Ebay addiction is real guys, it becomes a hobby watching auctions and looking and auctions already finished called “completed listings”

make money online

So many gorgeous instruments passed through my hands

Through Trial and Error I found that musical instruments on ebay usually sell for around 65% of their cost at the Music Store when the instruments are in very good to excellent condition.

Meanwhile, I also observed that because of things like bad marketing, presentation, and a lack

of knowledge of the product from the seller often resulted in the item being auctioned at around only 50% of it’s “New” cost.

I pounced on this opportunity to make 15% profit on high value items and get to play beautiful instruments while doing it.

I followed all of the Ebay listing and whenever I would see a guitar of high quality selling at that 50% or below mark I would jump on the chance to buy it.  Basically, I was like a “Sniper” at the last second of the auction (sometimes literally 3-10 seconds before the auction ended) I would inject my bid and wipe out the other bidders who would then have no chance to increase the asking price or get into a bidding war with me as I would bid literally as the clock ran out and get

make money online

Bought for $400, Sold for $525. Kinda wish I had this one back bc it sounded so badass! lol

these killer deals.

After, receiving these items I would clean them up a little, get out my camera and take them outside for some nice natural lighting and take stunning pictures of them.

Then I would list them right back up on ebay and they would sell for about 65% of their original “New” value netting me on average a 15% profit.  Since Quality Guitars don’t sell for less than about $500 US Dollars, I was making at least $75 off each of these transaction, and I was doing a few of these each week.  I had popped my cherry and learned to make money online lol.

Way better and more rewarding/educational than folding clothes and the mall or flipping burgers at In n’ Out.

make money online

bought these for $40, sold them for $100, It’s all about presentation

As time went on I also started doing this same thing with high value men’s wear like Diesel and True Religion jeans, and Redwing and Doc Marten boots.

This whole experience was fantastic because it taught me so much about commerce and running a store.

And the best part was I was having a fantastic time doing it 🙂

The key to this whole thing was choosing a niche in which I had specialised knowledge: Guitars and Amplifiers.

How can you use my story to help you make money online?

What are you skilled with? Do you know a lot about smartphones, computers, paintings, kitchen knives, marble countertops, car tools, video games, bongs, fashionable clothing, golf, cycling, or sports equipment?

Whatever you have knowledge about and can inspect quality on you can get started flipping these thing on ebay, buying and selling for a profit.

Hope this helps you guys start raking in some cash and make some money online.  It’s fun!

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Make Money Online – Popped My Cherry Flipping Guitar Equipment on Ebay

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