Modafinil “The Brain Steroid” Powerful Nootropic Smart Drug

The Real Life Limitless Pill – AKA Modafinil nootropic smart drug – Steroids for Your Brain

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Tunnel Vision, Extreme Focus, Absence of Fatigue, Superman Euphoria, The Ability to out

Study and Out Work your Peers (even the ones on adderall)  – That is Modafinil nootropic smart drug in a Nutshell

nootropic smart drug

The Nootropic Smart Drug Modafinil

Modafinil (Brand Name Provigil) is a Nootropic compound I’ve been wanting to share with you guys for a long time. I’ve been putting off telling you guys all about it, making videos, and pointing you to the best supplier for several months now because I feel this compound deserves special consideration and first hand experience/research since I am so impressed with it. I am convinced that this chemical is so potent and so powerful a productivity catalyst that it actually rivals Kratom as the most fantastic substance on this planet.

There are MANY athletes, businessman, CEO’s, Students, and others using modafinil to get an edge on their competition.

This nootropic smart drug is a straight up performance enhancing drugs for your mind.  Modafinil is to thinking power for the human mind as steroids are to hitting power in Baseball.  

Modafinil was developed as a non-amphetamine based stimulant drug to treat narcolepsy and

overnight shift work.  Narcolepsy is a disease where people fall asleep randomly during the day, modafinil makes it so that they can stay awake.

I tried this stuff for the first time 6 months ago after hearing about it for a couple years.  Upon taking it was again (just like with discovering kratom) stunned to discover something so effective at improving my ability to work hard and effeciently, and harness the full power of my intellectual abilities.  Where had this stuff been all my life?  Why doesn’t the general public know about this stuff?

Honestly, it’s beyond me, but i’m beginning to not be surprised anymore when I fall upon little known substances containing exponential power to enhance the human condition.

Modafinil Effects –

  • Intense Focus (adderall like focus)
  • No Peripheral effects all stimulation is focused in the mind, none spills off into funky heart palpitations or jittery energy felt by the rest of the body (This is due to modafinil not stimulating Norepinephrine receptors that cause adrenaline to be released the way chemicals like caffeine and amphetamine do)
  • Absence of any Type of Fatigue remember back to the last time you had the most killer night’s sleep and you woke up and had all the energy in the world to kick ass all day long.  No fatigue, no sleepiness, just a foot on the gas waiting to punch the pedal
  • Superman Feeling I think this goes without saying, but when you have the ability to focus and work with PURPOSE for 10-12 hours straight you feel a bit like superman.  I enjoy this because I do my best work when I have this kind of laser focus on my goal/task and gain a sort of euphoria caused by satisfaction from the relentless pursuit of my goal.
  • Ability to Stay Up All Night – Not going to lie i’ve used modafinil after a long days work when I was absolutely beat.  A sexy senorita asked if I could accompany her to a disco club at about midnight.  Normally, there is absolutely no way I could have gone,  even with 2 or 3 large cups of coffee, no way.  I couldn’t pass this opportunity up though (LMAO) so I took 100mg Modafinil and IT WAS LIKE I HAD JUST HAD A FULL NIGHT’S 8 HOUR SLEEP I shit you not, all fatigue from the day was gone.  It was like taking an eraser to my fatigue and just stamping it out.

After taking modafinil you’re going to have to rest more the next day if you chose to stay up all night.  Obviously using a performance enhancing substance to stay awake is going to cause you some sleep debt that you’ll have to pay back the next day.  Which is why I like using this nootropic smart drug to completely hammer a project i’m working on in one day.  Maybe during a 5 day work week i will spend 15 hours or 3 hours per day SERIOUSLY KICKING ASS working at peak level.  Well if I take Modafinil I can literally squeeze those 15 hours of peak performance work into one day and then just sleep the next day and have the rest of the week to chill.

How Often Can You Take Modafinil?

Twice a week guys,  this is not kratom, there are not different strains you can take in order to keep your tolerance down.  I’ve experimented with a bunch of different way of taking it including taking it everyday for a week.  From my experience, taking it twice a week preserves the full effects of the compound and maintains it’s peak benefits.

What Dose Do I Take?

100-200mg is the standard dose.  100mg works fine for me, but some people say they need 200mg in order to get the desired effect.


How Long Does It Take To Kick In?

It takes roughly an hour to an hour and a half to feel modafinil.  The stimulations you will notice as it starts to come on are intense clarity and a complete absence of fatigue.

Is Modafinil Safe?

Thank god this stuff is not amphetamine based as so many mental enhancers are.  I didn’t get any side effects but in a study by Teva Pharmaceuticals negative side-effects such as nervousness, diarrhea, insomnia, anxiety, dizziness, and gastrointestinal problems were reported by less than 10% of participants.

nootropic smart drug

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nootropic smart drug

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