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Developing Motivation and Discipline

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MOTIVATION. Why do you want it?  You want to be motivated to do nascarwhat?  ask yourself this question first.

Motivation won’t necessarily make you happy, it will however give your life purpose.

People ask me why I’m motivated, why i’m fanatical about what I 6 packchoose to do.  I have to respond that the reason why is because the acquisition of the skill or quality that inspires my motivation is so principally on the front of my thoughts, dominating my existence, that to shy and turn away from their pursuit would drive me to insanity.

When someone asks for my advice on how to become motivated, I cannot answer them without first spending some time with them and analysing their mojo.  You see, not everyone is a leader, most people are not leaders, and if you are not a leader you will not develop the kind of intrinsic motivation necessary to divide yourself from the masses.

I’m going to tell you a little bit about how my mind works.  Step inside, and have a look around.

I’m scared of being average.  The image of myself that I hold in my lionmind is capable of more than you.  If you have more talent than me I will never admit it.  There are things that I want and i’m going to have them or die trying.

We all want to be somebody.

What are you good at? What makes you crack a slight smile?

There are other people out there who have those same thoughts that you just had.

Be the leader.  Be the one who verbalises those thoughts and puts them hardcore gymout on social media.  You will be shocked that people will find you and look up to you and ask you “How can I be like you?”

You will tell them “You can’t be me”

You are the best at being YOU

Do you understand that?

No one can touch you at that.

Now get the fuck up, grab your fucking balls, and come out swinging.  You have your motivation.  You are the best at being you.  Fuck your insecurity, fuck your lack of mojo or essence.

Go work to acquire the things you find cool.

If there is nothing, go spend the next 72 hours in a heavily trafficked sisterspublic place and don’t do anything else until you see something cool.  That IS you.  If you think it is cool, it IS you.

These are some things the BodyBuilderInThailand thinks are cool:

The body of a god, freedom, caring women, time to practice electric guitar, occasionally being loud and unruly, friends to eat lunch and share life with, respect.


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