Mr Olympia Phil Heath 2016

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Mr Olympia Phil Heath 2016Phil Heath 2016

5x Mr. Olympia is Phil Heath 2016 is gunning for his 6th sandow trophy this october.

The Mr. Olympia contest is the most prestigious contest in bodybuilding. It determines who the world champ is for the next year.

The last person to win before Phil was Jay Cutler who looked sick as fuck.

Phil is a controversial Mr. O (as they all seem to be at times)

I used to watch the olympia contest every year until after watching phil win in 2014 and once

Phil Heath 2016

—Phix’s Regression

and for all deciding that the contest was “Phixed”

Phil usually looks like shit.  His first win in 2011 he looked sick as fuck and deserved the win but ever since then he’s regressed and regressed and regressed.

A lot of people blame his quick come up utilising heavy insulin use for this.

phil heath 2016

Phil Heath Cheating

Phil went from being a nobody gym rat to being Mr. O in like 6 years.  He built his body so quickly megadosing the triple cocktail of drugs that he seemed to also burn through it’s shelf life quicker than any Mr. O we’ve seen in the past.

He’s had a major problem with the bubble gut.

He’s also a cheater who stand in front of all the other competitors, to try and distort the perspective of the judges by standing closer to them and appearing larger.  When told to stand on the line to be judged like everyone else, Phil takes a step back for a few second and then steps forward again.  Refusing to follow the rules.  He’s a Cheat.

Phil Heath 2016 is a very insecure man.Phil Heath 2016

He gets in E-Fights with keyboard warriors and internet trolls on twitter and instagram and says things like “Fuck You” to them.

Really Bitch? That is how the world champion bodybuilder behaves? What a Prick.

He also is insecure about his narrow clavicle and the fact he isn’t as big as guys like Kai Greene and Big Ramy.Phil Heath 2016

This cunt has even had the audacity to say “Let’s not forget Arnold had no legs” on social media after Arnold said that the current competitors need to get their pregnant looking bellies in check.  Fucking disrespect.  Arnold Schwarzenegger is the reason bodybuilding is on the map and even relevant, yet that doesn’t dissuade Phil ‘Phixed’ Heath from attempting to smear him. Great Behavior from the sports ‘Champion!’

phil heath 2016

Phil Heath 2016 calls himself “The Gift” because he possesses what he believes to be genetics which are a gift to bodybuilding. Heath has a supplement and apparel company named “Gifted Athletics”

phil heath 2016

“The Gift” lol

Really though, Phil’s narrow clavicle is anything but a gift.  Yeah he’s got a lot of full round muscle bellies but his bone structure isn’t much more intimidating than the average bird boned Thai Girl I see here.

It’s a structural flaw and he can’t do anything to change it, “gifted” to him through those so called elite genetics.

Each year I have Kai, Dennis Wolf, and Shawn Rhoden spanking Heath’s ass in the Olympia Contest.

But alas, IFBB politics have rigged the competition and it’s just a fucking pageant.

The winner is determined before they even fucking step on stage.

This has pretty much how the contest has always been though.  The IFBB is a very very corrupt

phil heath 2016

In a Contest Heath Won, Phil Being Completely Outmuscled By Kai Greene, while displaying his narrow as fuck clavicle

league of competition.  Infested with vested interests of supplement company profits and homosexual gay for pay prostitution and fetishes.

Fuckin’ Gross.

I always got creeped out by Joe Weider posing with bodybuilders in photos.  The old gay muscle pervert always had his hands on them. Creepy.


It’s obvious that Phil Heath 2016 is going to win the Mr. Olympia this year and I won’t be

phil heath 2016

“I’m Mr. Olympia Rawwwr”

watching as usual.  I like bodybuilding, and the olympia contest taints it and makes it a fuckin’ joke.

The Arnold Classic needs to be considered the new top competition in bodybuilding.  It’s judged fairly.  If all contests were like the Arnold Classic Bodybuilding Contest, then bodybuilding could be called a sport.

Anyways Phil, Fuck You, I hope your giant alien in your stomach rears it’s ugly head while you are on stage this year.



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  1. Nenga

    How sad having to read a homophobic article like this spewing so much stigma. Really bad.

    How about the so many heterosexual bodybuilders who are prostitutes on the side? Ther are bunch of sites with bodybuilders offering sexual favours to women, especially rich women who could take them to paradises around the globe. Isn’t this gross to you? It’s prostitution and many herosexual bodybuilders pursue to sleep with different women for money and ego boost.


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