Natural Bodybuilding is a Scam

Natural Bodybuilding is a Scam

natural bodybuilding

Lame Nordstrom KING of Fake Natural Bodybuilders

What’s Up Guys,

Before I started Testosterone Replacement Therapy and using Anabolic Compounds such as Ostarine, I Lifted weights “naturally” for the better part of a decade.  I remember that from day 1 in the gym my goal was to become a big jacked muscular fella who was way stronger than the average man.

Ya know that quote “Do You Even Lift?” I wanted to gain enough muscle that that was not a question.  It would be obvious to everyone that I was a weightlifter, honestly, I wanted to be a bodybuilder 

natural bodybuilding

Arnold and Franco in the 70’s

I would look at pictures of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Columbo and watch Pumping Iron everyday haha, I felt so inspired to be like those incredible men.  I would go to the gym and train my ass off doing whatever I could possibly do to annihilate the body part I trained.  Then I would come home a drink a half gallon of milk and eat nuts and every semi-healthy calorie dense food I could. “Eat Big To Get Big.”

Have you ever felt like bodybuilding and building up muscle was the only thing on your mind for days or even weeks at a time?  Maybe you have found yourself at work or sitting in class day dreaming about the weight training strategies you would be implementing and the possible strength gains you would make.  I know I did, for years and years.


natural bodybuilding

Arnold and Franco Again

I always have and I always will, it’s amazing and it’s plain cool.

I realised after years and years of looking nothing like my hero’s in bodybuilding, youtube fitness, and professional sports that something was missing.  I was doing everything right but there was something the other guys had that I was missing.  Sometimes I just felt plain weak, like my body would just not respond anymore to heavier and heavier weights, instead of growing my muscles bigger and bigger, it seemed I just felt crushed by the heavier weights and my physique over time looked softer.

After following Matt Ogus on youtube for awhile and believing his all important “Macros” must

Natural Bodybuilding

Fake Natty Matt Ogus

be the key element to success I was missing, things still weren’t working.  So as a last ditch effort to try to succeed in Natural Bodybuilding I decided to hire Matt Ogus’ coach at Team 3DMJ.  At this point, I KNEW I was doing everything I possibly could to obtain the look I desired, I had Ogus’ coach and I knew if this didn’t work, then it would be time to take it to the next level and use testosterone supplementation.  When I hired 3DMJ, I told my mom that this was my last ditch effort in natural bodybuilding and I was going to put everything into it, but if this didn’t work I was going to turn in my natural card and become an enhanced athlete.

You see, for me, not obtaining my original goal when I stepped in the gym all those years ago, to be a massive swole cunt, or to at least have a body like Zyzz, Ogus or Jeff Seid, was never an

natural bodybuilding


option.  I was going to meet my goal someday no matter what and I had always been willing to do what was necessary to succeed.

After training with Team 3DMJ for about 4 months, my physique improved some, but it was just no where NEAR anything like Ogus or whatever hahaha.  The hardness the guys with the physiques I felt inspired by had was just unreal, and again something was just “missing” it didn’t feel right and I my intuition knew something was wrong.

Well, that was when I once and for all, knew, I had been scammed, natural bodybuilding is not real, it is a scam, you cannot be a “bodybuilder” or have the look of a “bodybuilder” naturally.  Point blank, it will not, and cannot happen.  I’m telling you this not to disappoint you but to make you aware of the reality of the bodybuilding physiques you see and seek to obtain.  I don’t want you to waste your time with a fucking pipe dream sold to you by snake oil salesmen.

natural bodybuilding

Fake Naturals Seid and Lovato “It just my secret MACROS guyzzz!!!”

So what did I do?

I hopped on testosterone replacement therapy and did 6-8 week blasts of Ostarine SARMS at 25mg-50mg per day.

The Results?

Well I will tell you this, THE SECOND I started this regimen of enhancement it was clear to me once and for all without a doubt natural bodybuilding was complete and utter bullshit.

Within a month I had begun to transform into the bodybuilder I always dreamed of being.  No longer did I feel like I was “missing something” …I felt ON!

Wow, looking back started my journey as an enhanced athlete was one of the best decisions I natural bodybuildinghave ever made in my life.  My entire life has improved, I am so much happier and I am able to truly pursue my passion of bodybuilding.

An interesting bonus, is that once you’ve been “On” aka “Enhanced” aka left the scam that is “NaTuRal BoDyBuiLdiNg” in the rear view mirror, and jumped on the “gainz train ;-)” there are certain features about your body that you will notice that only come to those who choose the enhanced route.  You will now be able to recognise these features in others and it will no longer be a mystery to you who is natural and who is not.  It will now be hilariously obvious on first glance.

Giving up natural bodybuilding and becoming enhanced is almost like unplugging from the matrix.  All of a sudden you see reality.  You see the world of bodybuilding for what it really is.

What do you choose?

Do you choose the Blue Pill?

and go on with your life making suboptimal barely noticeable shitty progress and never achieving the look you set out to achieve?

Or do you choose the Red Pill?

…and see how far down the rabbit hole goes.

-This is Dan, and I am The Bodybuilder in Thailand

5 thoughts on “Natural Bodybuilding is a Scam

  1. sandro

    Hey Dan,

    I got a few questions on Ostarine dosage etc…
    Can you help? any email address I can reach you at?


  2. Phil

    You are right. Im not enhanced (yet), but I definitely will be one. My story is pretty similar to yours. I want to start with bsl prohormones and then with real stuff. The problem is that I am not even 21 yet. Im afraid it will hurt my endocrine and reproductive systems i wont be able to recover post cycle. I cant look at myself in the mirror and im certainly not happy with my life… Would you recommend taking a red or blue pill? Should I wait till im 21?

    1. BodyBuilder InThailand Post author

      Hey Phil, sounds like you’re having a rough time right now. I would recommend trying to sort out why you feel so unhappy. What are you hoping to gain from performance enhancement? Just to help make it clear. Steroids won’t usually make someone ripped, just make them bigger. Dieting and shit for fat loss is basically the same drudgery as it is natural. Anyways the decision is up to you, but I think the body is a resilient machine. And I do not think steroids are like recreational drugs where they can cause permanent damage over the short term

      1. Phil

        Thank you very much for your response BodybuilderInThailand!
        >What are you hoping to gain from PEDS?
        Actually I want to get bigger. I’ve never had issues with bodyfat. I can cut easily. However, my muscle size progress is barely seen right now.. only placebo. Anyway, thank you for your response. It means a lot for me.


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