Ostarine Effects – Osta Red Review

Ostarine Effects – Beginner’s Guide To Ostarine

A Legal Supplement That Actually Works. Better than Prohormones but Not as Good as Steroids.  Recomp, Build Muscle and Lose Fat Fast.

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OSTARINE SARM: The New #1 Legal Muscle Building Fat Burning Get Shredded Supplement That Actually Works.

Ostarine is not a steroid or a prohormone. Ostarine is a SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator) that acts similarly to testosterone in the body, without negative side effects.

SARMS communicate with the androgen receptor in muscle tissue theSARMS same way that testosterone does.  This causes an increase in protein synthesis, increasing the user’s ability to build and maintain muscle mass.

Androgen receptors are also found in fat tissue called adipocytes.  When Ostarine interacts with a fat cell’s androgen receptor it signals the cell to break down and release it’s energy into the blood stream.

It is through this mechanism that Ostarine enables the user to effectively gain muscle and burn body fat at the same time.

Adding Ostarine to your supplement plan will cause your body to actually SARMSmake use of the whey protein you’ve been consuming instead of shitting it all out. Ostarine has a nutrient partitioning effect (calories are taken from fat stores, and calorie intake is fed the muscle tissue) which will help you get that six pack.

SARMS are a class of supplements that will soon become prescription drugs.  They are currently legal based on what is believed to be a loophole.

The benefit of a selective androgen receptor modulator is the fact that itonly stimulates the androgen receptor in certain tissues while ignoringbest legal bodybuilding supplement the receptor in non-target tissues.  SARMS target muscle, tendon, fat, and bone.  SARMS ignore tissues such as the skin, prostate, and breast which eliminates any concern of developing acne, an enlarged prostate or gynocomastia (Bitch Tits).

Since Prohormones are illegal there is no doubt that SARMS are the strongest legal supplement for bodybuilding on the market currently.

For those looking for a supplement that will do more than the standard whey protein creatine stack SARMS are the best OTC product available.

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Happy Gains Guys!

-The bodybuilder in thailand


11 thoughts on “Ostarine Effects – Osta Red Review

  1. Greg

    Hi Dan is OSTARINE SARM readily available in Thailand ?
    if so can you recommend where to purchase
    Thanks in advance

  2. TJ

    What’s the legality of SARMS in Thailand? I plan to go outside of the country in a few weeks and want to bring some back – I can’t forsee any problems but just was interested in your thoughts.

    On another note if you Google SARMS Thailand (how I found your site), there’s a company claiming to manufacture here. Seems dodgy though as the prices are high and the pic they claim is their lead chemist is a stock image.

  3. Ron

    Awesome article Man! Just 1 question, I am on Ostarine for 10 weeks now at a very low dose of 12mg….so i decided 1 day to stop using it…so that i can do my PCT….but i felt severe Lethargy and always felt like sleeping and too lazy to do anything.

    Can you please please recommend how should i prevent this crash and help myself in during PCT to combat lethargy?

    Again appreciate your thoughts! Respect!!

      1. Ron

        I am using Primeval Labs Mega Test and Blackstone Labs PCT V. Also Arnold iron dream which is almost like test-booster.

        Anything else would you recommend? Please let me know. Thanks a lot for your response!!


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