OxyElite Pro 2016 Still Available

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OxyElite Pro 2016 Still Availableoxyelite pro

Hey Dude, This is a quick post to let everybody that the infamous fat burner thermogenic ‘OxyElite Pro’ is still available.

The original that was produced by USP Laboratories went out of production a few years ago at the same time as the original JAck3d.  Basically, both of those products went out of production because they contained the amphetamine-like compound 1,3 dimethylamylamine.

The 1,3 Dimethylamylamine is what made the original OxyElite Pro sooooo good. It isn’t an

oxyelite pro

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illegal compound to have in a supplement, the reason why USP Labs pulled it from the market was because of pressure from the FDA (Fun Killers) because of the crazy popularity and success they were having.  Sadly, if you are a fitness supplement company, the moment the FDA finds out something you produce actually works and kicks ass and that you are popular making $$$ they immediately step in threatening lawsuits and jail time for the company CEO’s and shit, even if the accusations are groundless and simply fear tactics.

Because? you guessed it! The politician puppets in control are having their strings pulled by their marrionet masters (The Big Pharmaceutical Companies) who won’t let entrepreneurs in the supplement industry take a piece of their $$$ pie.

oxyelite pro

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Let’s face it, there are branches of the USA government that are completely out of control and overstepping their boundaries.  Police brutality, Corrupt War on Drugs Agendas, and Civilian Surveillance (Edward Snowden), are what they are about, and they don’t give a fuck about you or your rights.

Thank god we have some brave Robin Hood’s who stepped in and made a Clone of USP Labs original OxyElite Pro Formula and released it onto the market

…inconspicuously as ‘HydroxyElite Pro’ hahaha.

It’s gravy because they added a hydrogen to the oxygen atom in their formula! …Lame Chemistry Joke.oxyelite pro

Anyways, HydroxyElite Pro by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is Available to Buy Now (but for who knows how long), and is an exact replica of the original OxyElite Pro Formula.

As usual who knows how long this will stay for sale but at least for now, you can buy it legally OTC on the web.

I’ve used this stuff and it’s strong as fuck.  When I took it my appetite vanished, I got hot and had a 5-6 hour burst of energy, insane stimulation and mental focus, and my metabolism caught fire burning way more calories than I otherwise would.

-the bodybuilder in thailand

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