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Red Supplements Ostarine Review – Best SARMS who’s Making Ostarine SARMS – POTENT AS HELL – buy ostarine

Alright guys, big update.

Red Supplements has had their Ostarine SARM product “Osta-Red” sent to a chemical analysis laboratory for Mass Spectrometry testing to Prove Purity and have posted the Laboratory Analysis online for public scrutiny.  Below is the lab report from their site:

Red Supplements Ostarine Review

Ostarine 99.4% !! This is some Heisenberg Shit!

Guys, This is FANTASTIC news.  The Ostarine in those capsules is so pure it could be sold in an American Pharmacy.

99.4% purity Ostarine means that EXACTLY what you see on the label is what you are getting.

Red Supplements Site Where You Can Buy “Osta-Red”

Historically, with the way things are with legal muscle building supplements, The companies selling them are taking legal risks since they are exploiting loopholes in the law to sell you supplements that actually work to help you build muscle.

As a result, consumers have traditionally been dealing with companies that arguably are practicing some shady business practices and you’ve never truly known if what you were paying for was actually in the bottle and going to work.

With the information from this purity testing report everyone can be sure that they are buying human pharamceutical grade Ostarine and they ARE GOING TO GET RESULTS. This Is the Best SARMS product.

SARMS like Ostarine are substances which chemically are “Not Steroids” but behave in the body as steroids.

I’m sure you guys reading this know that Ostarine is essentially a non-steroidal steroid.  LOL

I know that’s an oxymoron but it’s true, Ostarine does not have the chemical structure of an anabolic steroid but it does exert it’s effect via the same mechanism as testosterone by stimulating the ANDROGEN RECEPTOR.

Do you know why Anabolic Steroids build muscle tissue?  It is because they stimulate the androgen receptor which causes an increase in your bodies ability to turn protein into muscle tissue.

SARMS like do the exact same thing.  The chemical structure of the molecule stimulating the androgen receptor is just different.  Does that make sense?

This shit is as close as you are going to get to steroids without actually taking them.

Feel Free To Ask Questions.  It’s My Hobby Learning About Sports Science so I study this shit like crazy and love discussing it.  Peace.

-The BodyBuilder In Thailand

Click Here To Watch This Video on YouTube

Red Supplements Website Where You Can Buy “Osta-Red” (buy ostarine)

red supplements ostarine review

Update!!! 7/31/2016

Red Supplements under pressure from the FDA has DISCONTINUED Osta-Red

I’ve Searched for an Alternative Top Quality Manufacturer and am Pleased to Announce that after personally trying “Enhanced Athlete’s” Osta-Muscle it is BY FAR the strongest Ostarine currently available.  I would compare the effects to the Anabolic Steroid Anavar.

Enhanced Athlete Osta-Muscle is Available Here

I talked to the company and got you guys a sick 15% discount for being BodybuilderinThailand.com Readers.

Enter the code “BBT15” at checkout to receive your 15% discount at Enhanced Athlete.

Happy Gains Guys!

-The bodybuilder in thailand

8 thoughts on “Ostarine Review

  1. RORY

    I’m a farang guy living in north Thailand.
    I’m trying to buy Osterine online but until I found here the sites were charging 40-60 usd to ship to Thailand.

    I couldn’t get onto Red Supplements for there ostarine.Do you know why this is.
    I then went to Primeval Labs to buy their ostarine and the shipping was 20usd to Thailand.

    That’s about as cheap as you’ll get for shipping but you haven’t recommended that one in particular.
    Do you know if it’s good or not,can you recommend it.

    Also any advice about getting ostarine shipped to Thailand cheaply would be great.


  2. John

    Links above dont seem to be working anymore… Any update? I would love to pick up some ostraine here in Bangkok. Do you know of any pharmacies selling it? I’m living around Nana…


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