Rich Piana Real Food Review – Best Weight Gainer Supplement

Rich Piana Real Food Review

Rich Piana Real Food Review supplement is a blend of the carbs I eat whole everyday, groundrich piana real food review into a powder so that you can drink them.

The blueberry cobbler flavor is so fucking good I want to eat this shit with some vanilla ice cream on the side.

If you have trouble eating enough food to gain weight this can be a major tool in your box that can help you to pound enough calories into your body to gain weight.

Understand this, if you cannot gain weight, then you cannot gain muscle.

Alot of tall lean guys around 6 feet tall and over have such massive caloric needs that they seem to not be able to gain weight or put on muscle bulk no matter what they do.  These are the guys who a supplement like Rich Piana Real Food will benefit most.

Best Weight Gainer Supplementrich piana real food review

Rich Piana Real Food Review is made of Yams, Oats, Sweet Potatoes, and Blueberries.  Along with rice, these are my major sources of carbs that I eat everyday.

What you do to gain weight is you ADD 2 scoops of Rich Piana Real Food blended with milk and a Scoop of Whey Protein Powder to each meal that you are already eating.

DO NOT replace meals you are already eating with a shake.  This is a Weight gainer, and you are ADDING it in ADDITION to what you are already eating.  The fact that you can drink these calories and they taste fucking delicious makes it piana real food review

Guys that “can’t gain weight” often have metabolisms that need 4,000+ calories per day to add any weight and therefore muscle bulk to their frames.

I hope you guys understand that it’s not a matter of getting in “Clean Calories and Protein” that is preventing you from gaining muscle mass.  The problem is your body simply is not getting enough ENERGY and so it is not able to make use of the protein you eat for building muscles.  Instead the protein you are eating is being burned up to give you energy just to maintain your weight.

Don’t be worried about gaining fat, your metabolism is a furnace and it will prevent that from happening.  You need to add some dirty foods and a weight gainer supplement into your regimen.  This will start to get you the dense muscle bulk you desire.

You’ve got to give your body enough raw energy that it has energy left over, more than it needs.  Then your body will be able to make use of all that protein you’ve been eating and turn it into muscle tissue.  You need to get CALORIES, any any cost, by any means necessary.  Eat Ice cream before bed at night if you need to.  The point is, if you cannot gain weight, then you need to eat more calories. You need calorie dense food.

This is what you “Hard Gainers” and “Skinny Guys” have to do to gain weight.

Ok? 5% Whatever it takes. Right Babe?

-the bodybuilder in thailand


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